Plebs. Image shows from L to R: Jason (Jon Pointing), Grumio (Ryan Sampson), Marcus (Tom Rosenthal). Copyright: RISE Films.


ITV2 sitcom about three men living in Rome. 38 episodes (5 series), 2013 - 2019. Stars Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson, Jon Pointing, Tom Basden and others.

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Video Clips

The Candy Boys

Jason and Aurelius both join a male escort agency, the Knights of Eros, but after being unsuccessful they join forces and start up their own, becoming 'The Candy Boys'.

From Series 5, Episode 4.

Jason seduces Rufina

The boys gate-crash a posh banquet having received an invitation by mistake. Once there, Jason seduces a bored aristocrat.

From Series 5, Episode 3. Featuring: Tom Rosenthal (Marcus), Jonathan Pointing (Jason), Amanda Holden (Rufina).

Grumio's Big Fight

After a bit of confusion, and the promise of free lunches, Grumio finds himself in the Under 14's school boxing team. His big fight doesn't quite go to plan though.

From Series 5, Episode 2.

Grumio goes truffle hunting

In order to pay back their debts for killing a prize winning truffle hunting pig, Grumio offers up his new special truffle sense to find them himself.

From Series 5, Episode 1.

Every death in Plebs

Relive the deaths of Stylax, Cassius, Iona Rafina, Victor, Felix and Shelly...

Featuring: Tom Rosenthal (Marcus), Ryan Sampson (Grumio), Tom Davis (Davus), Joel Fry (Stylax).

Series 5 trailer: 2

Brand new Plebs starts this September on ITV2.

From Series 5, Episode 1. Featuring: Ryan Sampson (Grumio).