Over Here. Image shows from L to R: Archie Bunting (Samuel West), Group Captain Barker (Martin Clunes). Copyright: BBC
Over Here

Over Here

  • TV comedy drama
  • BBC One
  • 1996
  • 2 episodes (1 series)

Comedy drama set at an air-base in East England in 1942, when an RAF Spitfire squadron is joined by the first USAAF recruits. Stars Samuel West, Jay Goede, Geraldine James, Jack Shepherd, Todd Boyce and more.

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Series 1, Episode 1

It's the dark days of World War II. America is denying any interest in the conflict, whilst London is being destroyed. And then the enemy make the sort of mistake that many have been praying for: Pearl Harbour. Soon, thousands of US troops are heading across the Atlantic; but what will they find and how will they cope with modern warfare?

Further details

Over Here. Image shows from L to R: Hewitt (Todd Boyce), Group Captain Barker (Martin Clunes). Copyright: BBC

The recruits are eager to get into the fighting after training in the USA, but disaster strikes on their arrival when radar is knocked out in a German air raid, leaving the incoming American transport planes unprotected.

Group Captain Barker has no spare squadrons to escort the Americans, especially since the whole of Archie Bunting's squadron is on leave at the wedding of the artistocratic pilot Charlie. Bunting's hungover squadron are recalled early, but only Archie has a plane with him, the rest have to get back by train.

The American airbase to which the transport plane is heading is attacked and bombed by the Luftwaffe, and the furious Colonel Hewitt is forced to go with Barker to the English base.

Meanwhile, Archie contacts base and is given directions by Tully, who forgets to mention the incoming Americans and only warns Archie that there are enemy aircraft in the vicinity. Archie spots a plane and goes into an attack. The American plane believes it is being attacked by the Germans and confusion reigns until Archie realises that he has shot up an American plane. When the Americans spot him in his spitfire they assume he has chased off the Germans.

Hewitt is livid at what he sees as total incompetence and threatens to report everything, although all the Americans on the plane are convinced they were attacked by a horde of Messerschmitts.

Broadcast details

Sunday 7th April 1996
90 minutes

Cast & crew

Samuel West Archie Bunting
Jay Goede Herschel Lenko
Geraldine James Lady Billingham
Jack Shepherd Butler
Todd Boyce Hewitt
Sharon Geater Bronwen
Peter Wingfield Tully
Timothy West Archie (Present Day)
Martin Clunes Group Captain Barker
Damien Matthews Charlie
Andrew Lincoln Cappy
Andrew Faulkner Max
Patrick Toomey Hopper
Mark Healy Ginger
Tony Curran Dougal
David Thwaites Burns
Amy Marston Daphne
Angus MacInnes Collis
Nigel Whitmey Rayner
Walter Lewis JJ
Noah Margetts Al
Gary Parker Humf
Gregory Cooke Ramez
Christopher Malcolm Murphy
Corey Johnson Webster
Louise Brighton Daisy
Rebecca Charles Thelma
Eric Loren Sharman
Peter Mair George
Clare Cathcart Edna
Guest cast
Amanda Horlock Pearl
Rupert Degas Denny
Peter Brooke Guy
Maia Guest Rosa
Lolly Susi Ruby
Lou Hirsch Tomasz
Robert Jezek Dow
John Fitzgerald-Jay Riley
Thomas Turner Paperboy
Lawrence Elman Bell
Drew Murphy Lacalle
Michael Zimmerman Mays
Toni Palmer Singer in Pub
Writing team
John Sullivan Writer
Production team
Tony Dow Director
Jacinta Peel Producer
John Sullivan Executive Producer
John Jarvis Editor
Donal Woods Production Designer
Graham Jarvis Composer
Ernest Maxin Creator

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