Not Going Out. Image shows from L to R: Lee (Lee Mack), Lucy (Sally Bretton). Copyright: Avalon Television / Arlo Productions
Not Going Out

Not Going Out

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 2006 - 2023
  • 100 episodes (13 series)

Fast-paced, gag-packed studio sitcom starring Lee Mack and Sally Bretton. Also features Hugh Dennis, Abigail Cruttenden, Geoffrey Whitehead, Deborah Grant, Bobby Ball and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Lee Mack Lee
Sally Bretton Lucy (Series 2-13)
Hugh Dennis Toby (Series 7-13)
Abigail Cruttenden Anna (Series 7-13)
Geoffrey Whitehead Geoffrey (Series 4-13)
Deborah Grant Wendy (Series 2-13)
Bobby Ball Frank (Series 3-11)
Francesca Newman Molly (Series 8-13)
Max Pattison Benji (Series 8-13)
Finley Southby Charlie (Series 8-13)
Tim Vine Tim (Series 1-5)
Katy Wix Daisy (Series 2-7)
Miranda Hart Barbara (Series 2-3)
Timothy West Geoffrey (Series 2-3)
Megan Dodds Kate (Series 1)
Simon Dutton Guy (Series 2)
Writing team
Lee Mack Writer
Daniel Peak Writer (Series 3-13)
Andrew Collins Writer (Series 1-4)
Paul Kerensa Writer (Series 2)
Simon Evans Writer (Series 2)
Peter Tilbury Writer (Series 2)
Simon Dean Writer (Series 3)
Simon Evans Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1 & 3-13)
Paul Kerensa Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1 & 3-13)
Derren Litten Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1)
Dave Cohen Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-7)
Simon Griffiths Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-13)
David Isaac Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-7)
Liam Woodman Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-13)
Milton Jones Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-4)
Sarah Morgan Writer (Additional Material) (Series 8-13)
Production team
Alex Hardcastle Director (Series 1-2)
Nick Wood Director (Series 1 & 3-13)
Alex Hardcastle Producer (Series 1)
Nick Wood Producer (Series 1)
Charlie Hanson Producer (Series 2)
Jamie Rix Producer (Series 3-13)
Richard Allen-Turner Executive Producer
Lee Mack Executive Producer
Jon Thoday Executive Producer
Sally Debonnaire Executive Producer (Series 1)
Simon Wilson Executive Producer (Series 4)
Chris Sussman Executive Producer (Series 5-7)
Rob Aslett Executive Producer (Series 5-13)
David Finnigan Line Producer (Series 8-10)
Emma James Line Producer (Series 11-12)
Paul Ralph Line Producer (Series 13)
Richard Halladay (as Richard Halladey) Editor
James Dillon Production Designer
Chris Goodger Director of Photography (Series 8-13)
Natalie Rogers (as Natalie Rogers-Wenzel) Costume Designer (Series 13)
Martin Hawkins Lighting Designer (Series 11-13)
Steve Brown Composer (Series 1-12)
Alex Hardcastle Composer
Roger Planer Composer (Series 8-13)
John McBurnie Composer (Series 8-13)
Steve Brown Musical Director (Series 13)
Lee Mack Creator (Series 1-11)

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