The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk Series 2 now filming

Wednesday 7th July 2021, 12:30pm

The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk. Herbert Clunkerdunk (Spencer Jones). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions

Filming is underway on Series 2 of The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk, the BBC Two sitcom starring Spencer Jones and Lucy Pearman.

As revealed by British Comedy Guide in April, five new fifteen minute episodes are being filmed following on from the success of the first series in 2019 (which built on the 2018 pilot).

Talking about the forthcoming episode scenarios, producers Tiger Aspect Productions say: "Jones's titular alter-ego Herbert Clunkerdunk is no closer to getting his life or his imagination under control. A simple visit to the mechanic turns into a full-blown western, a father/son fishing trip uncovers an underwater dystopia and he can't get his tax return done because the stationery on his desk is performing the steamy, sensual stop motion affair that would make a Bridgerton viewer blush.

"Herbert's wife Bobby Kindle (Lucy Pearman) becomes more powerful than you can possibly imagine when she's supercharged by static electricity, his old neighbour Jonny Wallop (Dominic Coleman) is hunted by a creature of the night, and Herbert's front door still talks to him (though this time, he's got a new love interest, the Jessica Rabbit of windows, Sasha Window).

"Herbert is also joined by a host of new characters including ex-boxer Rusty (Shiloh Coke), Bobby's old uni friend Denim Jean (Felicity Ward) and, when he's at his lowest point, a moment of pure(ish) Clarity (Vic Reeves)."

Spencer Jones says: "In what can only be described as an admin error, the BBC are allowing me on the beautiful BBC Two once again. But let me tell you this: there have been no admin errors when booking the cast for the new series of Clunkerdunk 2. Wait till you get a load of these legends. Like most people I have been locked in a house with my family for well over a year. And also like most people I have gone insane (self-diagnosed). All of my mind mess has been turned into a 5 episode series. So if you think the last series was weird I would stay well away from Series 2. More characters, more songs, more gags, morons. This is my press release and I'm sticking with it."

David Simpson from Tiger Aspect comments: "What an absolute joy it is to see this show return. Spencer's creativity is endless and he has been on fire writing the scripts for the new series. I'm so excited to see Herbert's imagination come to life again!"

BBC commissioner Ben Caudell adds: "It's wonderful to have Spencer's unique brand of madness back on the BBC. This new series goes deeper into the mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk than any one has ever attempted before. We don't actually know if it's safe to do so but we're pushing on anyway in the name of science."

Ben Worsfield produces Series 2, with Martin Stirling returning as director. Filming underway on location in south east London, with a first look picture revealed showing Spencer Jones in action in front of a green screen.

The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk. Herbert Clunkerdunk (Spencer Jones). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions

The recommission of The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk follows last year's cancellation of Mister Winner, Jones's more mainstream BBC One sitcom which also co-starred Pearman.

Pearman's sitcom pilot Please Help, which is also produced by Tiger Aspect, launched on BBC iPlayer today. Watch

Series 1 of The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk is still on BBC iPlayer too. Watch

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