Mount Pleasant. Image shows from L to R: Lisa Johnson (Sally Lindsay), Barry Harris (Bobby Ball), Dan Johnson (Daniel Ryan). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Mount Pleasant

Sky One and Sky Living comedy drama about a couple and their friends and family. 53 episodes (6 series), 2011 - 2017. Stars Sally Lindsay, Daniel Ryan, Bobby Ball, Adrian Bower and others.

Series 6

Mount Pleasant. Image shows from L to R: Dan Johnson (Daniel Ryan), Lisa Johnson (Sally Lindsay). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th August 2016

The new series kicks off with the opening of a revamped Dog and Dart pub, now under the ownership of Bradley, the former criminal, ex-husband to Tanya and the father of Ella. With this role, he has turned over a new leaf and promised Ella he will follow the right path. What could possibly go wrong?


Mount Pleasant. Image shows from L to R: Denise Bradwell (Ainsley Howard), Fergus Smythe (Neil Fitzmaurice). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Tuesday 6th September 2016

Dan has news for Pauline but worries how she will take it. Finn's up to his usual tricks and sells a cut and shut car; meanwhile, Tanya and Greg argue about Bradley and it's awards time for Fersa. Fergus finds out the truth about Roger and an unexpected guest arrives at Fergus's place.


Mount Pleasant. Image shows from L to R: Pauline Johnson (Paula Wilcox), Barry Harris (Bobby Ball). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Tuesday 13th September 2016

Pauline takes her job back at the Dog and Dart. Jane tells Fergus she has nowhere to go but Roger is suspicious of her. Greg asks Dan to be his best man and Denise and Nana both go on dates. Meanwhile Finn and Ella retrieve the cut and shut car from the impound, unaware they have been watched.


Mount Pleasant. Image shows from L to R: Greg Porter (Adrian Bower), Tanya (Samantha Janus). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Tuesday 20th September 2016

Roger is forced to look for a job, so Lisa finds him one at a call centre. Denty and Liam pay the garage an unexpected visit, but where is the car? Meanwhile, Tanya and Greg's wedding day has arrived, but first it's hen and stag do time. The boys indulge in a spot of poker, while the girls have a sleepover, which leads to an intoxicated Tanya slipping off to see Bradley...


Mount Pleasant. Roger Jones (James Dreyfus). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Tuesday 27th September 2016

Pauline receives some heartbreaking news, while Roger begins his first day at work. Elsewhere, Denise finds out Jane is back and Fergus starts to question whether Jane has been lying to him. Later, Ella finds out that Finn has quit his job and has turned to Denty for work. Finally, the nasty Adam Wyatt is back on the scene and plans to build property on the local park.


Mount Pleasant. Image shows from L to R: Ollie Oliver (Jordan Dawes), Auntie Margaret (Sue Vincent). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Tuesday 4th October 2016

The entire town is talking about Lisa and Jenna's article, while Dan struggles to know what to do with Pauline, who is still numb and not saying a word. Elsewhere, Roger finds out the truth about Jane and Denise and Ollie have their first date. But things don't go quite as smoothly as they'd hoped.


Mount Pleasant. Image shows from L to R: Denty (James Burrows), Finn (Asan N'Jie). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

7. Episode Seven

First broadcast: Tuesday 11th October 2016

Ella reveals she's pregnant. But how will Finn react? Elsewhere, the petition to save the park is in full swing and Lisa and Jenna attend a student rally. Also, Dan continues to worry about Pauline, while Denise and Ollie go on a second date. Has Denise finally found love?


Mount Pleasant. Image shows from L to R: Lisa Johnson (Sally Lindsay), Dan Johnson (Daniel Ryan), Barry Harris (Bobby Ball), Nana (Ellen Thomas). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

8. Episode Eight

First broadcast: Tuesday 18th October 2016

Pauline attends church with Barry and Nana but, before they leave, Lisa asks them to hand out a pile of 'save the park' leaflets. Barry opts to put them on car windscreens and inadvertently leaves one on the car of the very man they're protesting against: Adam Wyatt. Meanwhile, Nana is chatted up, Bradley pays Denty a visit and Lisa hosts a dinner party. But it is quickly interrupted by an unexpected guest...


Mount Pleasant. Image shows from L to R: Denise Bradwell (Ainsley Howard), Pauline Johnson (Paula Wilcox). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

9. Episode Nine

First broadcast: Tuesday 25th October 2016

Just when Bradley thought he had seen the last of Denty and his lads, he gets a rude awakening. Meanwhile, the protest at Deans Park is in full swing and Roger convinces Pauline to let go of her past and look on the bright side of life.


Mount Pleasant. Image shows from L to R: Adam Wyatt (James Lance), Lisa Johnson (Sally Lindsay). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

10. Episode Ten

First broadcast: Tuesday 1st November 2016

Tensions rise as bulldozers and a camera crew descend on the park while Adam Wyatt attempts to convince the gathering crowd that building property is a good idea. But Lisa is having none of it and voices her objections loud and clear. Meanwhile, Roger catches Carrie in a compromising situation and Barry is forced to intervene as Nana waits patiently for her date.


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