Late Night Mash. Rachel Parris
Late Night Mash

Late Night Mash

  • TV comedy
  • Dave
  • 2021 - 2022
  • 15 episodes (2 series)

Topical comedy series replacing BBC Two's The Mash Report, hosted by Nish Kumar and Rachel Parris. Also features Ellie Taylor, Steve N Allen, Geoff Norcott, Catherine Bohart, Fin Taylor and more.

  • JustWatch Streaming rank this week: 5,566

Video clips

Stephen Mangan reads Tweets

Stephen Mangan joins Rachel Parris to respond to messages from the 'enthusiastic' Mash audience.

Rachel Parris: Britain, we need to talk

Rachel Parris tackles Project Fear, Phillip Schofield, Brexit bonuses, and thrifty DILF Martin Lewis.

Could you be the new UK Prime Minister?

The Mash reporters talk about how the new Prime Minister is now going to be picked.

Judi Love on being Black and British

Judi Love gives her take on appreciation vs appropriation, So Solid Crew, and Black History Month.

Olga Koch on Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Russian-born Olga Koch shares her thoughts on Vladamir Putin's 'special military operation'.

Great Britain: Wide Open and Ready - The North, Scotland, & The Rest!

A visit to Wales (the 6th biggest county in England) and a trip up North to indulge in the traditional pastime of hometown clubbing.

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