Hotel Babylon. Image shows from L to R: Charlie Edwards (Max Beesley), Rebecca Mitchell (Tamzin Outhwaite), Tony Casemore (Dexter Fletcher). Copyright: Carnival Films
Hotel Babylon

Hotel Babylon

  • TV comedy drama
  • BBC One
  • 2006 - 2009
  • 32 episodes (4 series)

Comedy drama about the workings of a glamorous 5-star London hotel, and the lives of its key staff members. Stars Tamzin Outhwaite, Max Beesley, Dexter Fletcher, Emma Pierson, Martin Marquez and more.

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Series 3, Episode 1

A leading fashion company is holding a retreat weekend for its top brass and Charlie is bemused by the strength of Anna's moral convictions when she uncovers exploitation at work. Tony is busy re-evaluating his life as his 40th birthday looms and a seductive member of a jury sequestered at the hotel catches his eye. Meanwhile, a particularly demanding guest turns out to be more than meets the eye - and the staff aren't impressed.

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Anna thinks all her Christmases have arrived at once, when highly successful clothing company De Rigeur holds a fashion show at Hotel Babylon to launch their new collection.

Anna's a big fan of the label and quickly ingratiates herself with Duncan, the creative director, in order to get her hands on the collection's star piece - the Astrix dress. Things at De Rigeur, however, aren't as glossy as they seem as Duncan accuses his boss, Price, of using sweatshops in order to keep clothing costs down. When Price refuses to listen to Duncan, he finds himself an unlikely ally in Anna.

Charlie sees Anna in a new light when she shuns her usual materialistic instincts in favour of doing what is morally right, but Price is a powerful man and shows Duncan what he's capable of. Will Charlie and Anna be able to help Duncan and bring down one of the most successful clothing companies of recent times?

Meanwhile, a jury is sequestered to the hotel to consider their verdict. It's a murder trial and the vote of one jury member, Justine, could either see the defendant being found innocent or guilty. She forms a bond with Tony, who is having a hard time - he's turned 40 and his family doesn't seem to care. Tony helps Justine when she is delivered a bung - will she take the money and run or, more importantly, will Tony give up everything and go with her?

Emily James, meanwhile, stays at Hotel Babylon and claims to be a journalist - but she keeps changing the publication she works for and the questions she asks the regular employees are maybe a little too personal. Is she really who she claims to be, or is there an ulterior motive for her enquiries that even Charlie isn't aware of?

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Tuesday 19th February 2008
60 minutes

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