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Series 1, Episode 5

It's the day of Ann Marie and Gil's wedding but Sadie, the bride's mother, is going to miss the celebrations.

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Hope Springs. Image shows from L to R: Hannah Temple (Sian Reeves), Shoo Coggan (Christine Bottomley), Sadie Cairncross (Annette Crosbie), Ellie Lagden (Alex Kingston), Josie Porritt (Vinette Robinson). Copyright: Shed Productions

Sadie is a prisoner in her bedroom having discovered that Ellie, Hannah, Shoo and Josie are ex-cons on the run. Convinced they might have dubious plans for her, Sadie decides to escape.

Meanwhile, with the kiss with Ellie still playing heavily on his mind, would-be groom Gil has second thoughts about his impending marriage to Ann Marie. But when he confronts Ellie about her feelings she brushes him off, downplaying its significance.

Annoyed at her seemingly fickle actions, Ellie takes out her frustrations on Shoo, lambasting her for having a relationship with Dean. She warns her lovesick friend that a boyfriend in Hope Springs will only lead to heartache.

Elsewhere, Euan smugly reveals to his anxious son, Ronan, his plans to manipulate Gil for information about Billy's SIM card. And with Sadie apparently on holiday in Australia, Euan also aims to persuade Ellie to sell the hotel to him. Controlling Euan thinks he's got it all sussed, but Ronan is a troubled soul on the edge.

A sense of foreboding continues to haunt Gil but he's a man of principles and won't let Ann Marie down. However, the celebrations threaten to be short-lived after Ellie overhears Euan and Ann Marie secretly argue over the paternity of her unborn baby.

Despite Ellie's warning, Shoo announces her surprise engagement to Dean. Her pals are less than impressed but Shoo's love life is soon the least of the women's concerns as an uninvited guest, hitman Marius, turns up at the Hope Springs Hotel...

Broadcast details

Sunday 5th July 2009
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Alex Kingston Ellie Lagden
Vinette Robinson Josie Porritt
Christine Bottomley Shoo Coggan
Sian Reeves Hannah Temple
Annette Crosbie Sadie Cairncross
Alec Newman Euan Harries
Ronni Ancona Ann-Marie Miller
Paul Higgins Gil Cameron
Lorraine McIntosh Ina Harries
Richard Madden Dean McKenzie
Tony McGeever Ronan Harries
Mark Frost Roy Lagden
Clint Dyer Marius Gruber
Sanjeev Kohli Mo Khan
Belgit Gill Rita Khan
Guest cast
Shona McVey Registrar
Writing team
Ann McManus Writer
Maureen Chadwick Writer
Liz Lake Writer
Hayley Gelling Script Editor
Production team
Dermot Boyd Director
Spencer Campbell Producer
Brian Park Executive Producer
Anne Mensah Executive Producer
Sandra MacIver Executive Producer
Chris Blunden Editor
Andy Harris Production Designer
Tristin Norwell Composer
Nick Green Composer

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