Guilt. Image shows from L to R: Jake McCall (Jamie Sives), Max McCall (Mark Bonnar). Copyright: Happy Tramp Productions


  • TV comedy drama
  • BBC Scotland
  • 2019 - 2023
  • 12 episodes (3 series)

Comedy drama starring Mark Bonnar and Jamie Sives as two men who commit a hit and run murder. Also features Ruth Bradley, Sian Brooke, Emun Elliott, Michael Nardone, Ellie Haddington and more.

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Series 1, Episode 3

Guilt. Image shows from L to R: Jake McCall (Jamie Sives), Max McCall (Mark Bonnar)
Jake and Angie's blossoming relationship creates difficulties between the brothers, leading Max to take decisive action against his sibling.

Further details

Jake and Angie's tentative relationship hits a problem as he grows suspicious of his new girlfriend - but Angie manages to soften his worries. Jake wants to make things work but Angie gives him a reality check - they can't live off Jake's record shop, given that Max controls the finances. This gets Jake thinking: he needs to take action and break the hold Max has over him.

However, Jake's Leith Beats record shop is actually a front for a complicated - and illegal - financial scheme set up by Max. With Jake now asking questions, pressure mounts on Max from another, sinister, source. It appears a payday loans company is actually behind the investment in Jake's shop, which is really a front for a shady businessman, Roy.

Max is told in no uncertain terms to make sure his little brother continues to play nicely. Unable to control Jake, Max takes matters into his own hands - with shocking results.

Broadcast details

Thursday 7th November 2019
BBC Scotland
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Wednesday 13th November 2019 9:00pm BBC2
Saturday 22nd February 2020 10:00pm BBC Scotland
Thursday 3rd September 2020 10:00pm BBC Scotland
Saturday 9th October 2021 10:00pm BBC Scotland
Monday 8th November 2021 12:55am BBC4
Wednesday 8th December 2021 12:10am BBC4
Wednesday 5th January 2022 10:00pm BBC Scotland

Cast & crew

Mark Bonnar Max McCall
Jamie Sives Jake McCall
Ruth Bradley Angie Curtis
Sian Brooke Claire McCall
Emun Elliott Kenny Burns
Michael Nardone Henry McKinnon
Ellie Haddington Sheila Gemmell
Moyo Akande Tina Hicks
Bill Paterson Roy Lynch
Henry Pettigrew Stevie Malone
Gregor Firth Archie
Noof McEwan Cameron Lovat
Gordon Brown Maurice
Guest cast
Tom Urie Gordie Gemmell
Sylas Szabolcs Victor Kuqo
Jenny Ryan Inspector Elaine Hill
Anneika Rose DC Nicola Bowman
Writing team
Neil Forsyth Writer
Production team
Robert McKillop Director
Jules Hussey Producer
Neil Webster Executive Producer
Kirstie Macdonald Executive Producer
Gavin Smith Executive Producer
Gregor Sharp Executive Producer
Neil Forsyth Executive Producer
Wendy Griffin Line Producer
Nikki McChristie Editor
Tom Sayer Production Designer
Caroline Stewart Casting Director
Nanu Segal Director of Photography
Lesley Abernethy Costume Designer
Laura Hill Make-up Designer
Arthur Sharpe Composer
Anna Toffolo Graphics
Craig Wright Graphics
Graham Drover 1st Assistant Director


The police in Guilt (BBC2) are also showing no interest in getting to the bottom of the murky maelstrom of crimes . . . murder, fraud and now money-laundering. It doesn't help that one of the detectives is in the pay of the city's kingpin (Bill Paterson).

'I'm a businessman now, but a businessman who in the past committed significant amounts of extreme violence,' he growled at dodgy lawyer Max (Mark Bonnar). Bonnar is at the dark heart of this crime drama. He conveys such brittle, superficial charm we can't help guessing at what festers beneath.

All comedy in the script has leached away. There was nothing funny about the dockyard beating meted out to private eye Kenny. Like Max and his brother Jake, we've been lured into something much more dangerous than we expected.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 14th November 2019

Guilt review

A dark comedy that's as fresh as the Leith rain.

Carol Midgley, The Times, 7th November 2019

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