Francis Howerd In Concert. Frankie Howerd. Copyright: Yorkshire Television.

Francis Howerd In Concert

ITV sketch show. 1 episode in 1974. Stars Frankie Howerd, Julie Ege, John Le Mesurier, Kenny Lynch and Anthony Gardner.

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Frankie Howerd performs his one-man show at the Weston-super-Mare Playhouse Theatre.


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Part documentary and part stand-up, this special follows Frankie Howerd and a troupe of entertainers to Malaysia as they perform for British forces.


Howerd's Hour

Frankie Howerd recalls the life of his great-grandfather, the intrepid explorer and adventurer.


Up Pompeii

Classic British farce in which Roman slave Lurcio unwittingly gains possession of a list of people who are conspiring to bring down the Emperor Nero.


Whoops Baghdad

Frankie Howerd is Ali Oopla, servant to the Wazir of Baghdad, in the double entendre-laden Whoops Baghdad.