Car Share. Image shows from L to R: John Redmond (Peter Kay), Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson). Copyright: Goodnight Vienna Productions
Car Share

Car Share

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 2015 - 2020
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Sitcom about two workers thrown together in a company car share scheme, who soon find a potential romance blossoms. Stars Peter Kay, Sian Gibson, Danny Swarsbrick and Guy Garvey.

Press clippings

Fate of Peter Kay's Car Share finally revealed after five years off screen

His team has filed paperwork to strike Kay's dedicated company from the official register. The documents state his intention to close Good Night Vienna Productions (Car Share) Limited and are signed by the comedian himself.

Felicity Cross, The Sun, 1st February 2023

The best TV shows for Taskmaster fans

While we wait for Taskmaster's Series 15 release date, here are some similar TV treats to keep you entertained, including shows featuring previous cast members.

Laura Vickers-Green, Den Of Geek, 12th January 2023

Where are the new classic sitcoms?

When The One Show recently ran a poll to find the best-loved BBC shows ever, half of the top programmes were sitcoms - but none was launched within the last 15 years. So where are the future classics?

Ian Youngs, BBC, 14th May 2022

Seven great British comedy TV shows for any taste

There's nothing better after a busy day than sitting down and enjoying a comedy on the television. A good comedy has the ability to make us smile, pulls at the heartstrings of the audience and sucks us into an alternate reality. So for anyone looking to watch tv shows that are guaranteed to bring on a chuckle, here are seven broad-ranging British comedies. While we all have a favourite go-to show or series, discovering new ones could be as simple as checking out this list.

The Upcoming, 23rd November 2021

Car Share could return for a Christmas special

Peter Kay excited Car Share fans as he revealed that he may bring the comedy series back for a Christmas special.

Isobel Lewis, The Independent, 9th August 2021

Peter Kay's Car Share car up for sale

The centrepiece Fiat 500 car from Peter Kay and Sian Gibson's hit sitcom Car Share is to be auctioned for charity.

British Comedy Guide, 22nd January 2021

Peter Kay creates Car Share sketch for Dear NHS book

Peter Kay has written a new Car Share sketch as part of a book of stories from celebrities thanking the NHS, as John has a cancer scare and cries during his scan.

Verity Sulway, The Mirror, 10th August 2020

Peter Kay's Car Share receives 175 complaints

The BBC has confirmed it received 175 complaints after an "offensive" breastfeeding joke on Peter Kay's Car Share upset listeners.

Tasha Hegarty, Digital Spy, 18th April 2020

Car Share episode pays tribute to fan who died of virus

The show gave a dedication to the 'massive car share fan' on the special audio episode.

Katie Fitzpatrick, Manchester Evening News, 13th April 2020

Peter Kay's Car Share: audio speical

The BBC has sunk millions into its Sounds app for its audio output. Yet when it came to the surprise audio-only special edition of Peter Kay's Car Share that dropped tonight, it was the iPlayer where it landed.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 10th April 2020

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