Bottom. Image shows from L to R: Richie Richard (Rik Mayall), Eddie Hitler (Adrian Edmondson). Copyright: BBC.


BBC Two sitcom about two rude men. 18 episodes (3 series), 1991 - 1995. Stars Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.

Series 3

1. Hole

First broadcast: Friday 6th January 1995

After an evening at the fair, Richie and Eddie are rather alarmed to find themselves trapped at the top of Europe's largest ferris wheel for the night. Then everything gets much worse.


2. Terror

First broadcast: Friday 13th January 1995

Hedgehog and Spudgun visit for a Halloween party. It's only a matter of time before Richie decides to summon the dark lord and exchange his soul for an eternity of sex and money...


3. Break

First broadcast: Friday 20th January 1995

With the thought of sun, sea and sex in mind, Eddie and Richie prepare to leave for a holiday in, uh, Bridlington.


4. Dough

First broadcast: Friday 27th January 1995

Eddie's been locked in his room working on a secret project for a full week: a printing machine. After flashing his £27 notes around the pub, landlord Dick tips off London's top forger to their scam.


5. Finger

First broadcast: Friday 3rd February 1995

After being knocked out by a psychotic Welshman, Richie wants revenge. It just so happens to be Taffy O'Jones's wedding day; having stolen his car, Richie and Eddie also take his honeymoon.


6. Carnival

First broadcast: Friday 10th February 1995

When the local carnival ends in a riot, the boys go out looting. Richie grabs a video camera from the back of a BBC van, and they decide to find fame through filming their own movies.


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Bottom - The Complete Series 1-3 DVD

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