...And Mother Makes Five. Sally Redway (Wendy Craig).

...And Mother Makes Five

ITV sitcom about an extended family. 26 episodes (4 series), 1974 - 1976. Stars Wendy Craig, Richard Coleman, Robin Davies, David Parfitt and others.

Series 4

1. Words And Pictures

First broadcast: Wednesday 7th January 1976

Sally becomes convinced that her entire family have all become sex mad; Peter has shown an interest in painting nude models at the art class, Jane is sharing a sauna with her boyfriend, Peter is requesting a polaroid camera to take pictures of his girlfriend ... and David arrives with pictures of naked women!


2. None So Blind

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th January 1976

When Sally starts to become even clumsier than normal, the she begins to worry about her failing eyesight.


3. Love Is A Most Confounded Thing

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st January 1976

When Aunt Betty arrives, she announces that her husband Frank's business trip to the North is the ideal opportunity for her to let her hair down and have some fun...


4. Unlicensed Premises

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th January 1976

Sally is not concerned to learn about the TV detector van prowling the neighbourhood - until David announces that he has forgotten to pay the TV Licence!


5. Sally's Diary

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th February 1976

When Sally reviews the entries in her diary, she soon realises that her life is fairly boring. So, in an effort to get her diary published, she spices it up and causes chaos...


6. Jobs For The Boys

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th February 1976

Simon has left school and is now working at his first job in a hardware store. In order to increase business and make her son look good, Sally becomes a regular customer of the store - much to Simon's embarrassment...


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