...And Mother Makes Five. Sally Redway (Wendy Craig).

...And Mother Makes Five

ITV sitcom about an extended family. 26 episodes (4 series), 1974 - 1976. Stars Wendy Craig, Richard Coleman, Robin Davies, David Parfitt and others.

Series 1

1. Where Our Caravan Is Resting

First broadcast: Wednesday 1st May 1974

When a neighbour promises Sally the loan of a caravan to take her family on holiday, she is ill-prepared for the ramshackle old vehicle that arrives. With the whole family aghast, how can they possibly get out of it without appearing ungrateful?


2. The Matter Of Tiny Feet

First broadcast: Wednesday 8th May 1974

Sally wonders if she may be pregnant, but the doctor quickly reports a negative test. Of course, that's not stopping Peter, Simon, Jane, Auntie, and eventually even David from getting the wrong end of the stick - not to mention the rest of the town!


3. Seed Of Suspicion

First broadcast: Wednesday 15th May 1974

On her way to buy a sauna bath, Sally has an accident in David's car. As she conceals both events from David, and with the children talking of a friend's parents' divorce, he begins to feel uncomfortable about her keeping secrets...!


4. ....To The Aid Of The Party

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd May 1974

After Peter and Jane get into a spot of trouble at school, Sally and David invite the two respective teachers for a barbecue to smooth things over, but neither are aware that the pair are romantically involved with each other!


5. Wish You Were There

First broadcast: Wednesday 29th May 1974

It has been normal for Sally and the boys to spend their holidays in England, but David and Jane have always gone abroad. Now, for their first holiday as a single family of five, Sally is persuaded to go continental...


6. If I Can Help Somebody

First broadcast: Wednesday 5th June 1974

Hearing that market second-hand-stall holder Ellie needs to go into hospital for a couple of days, Sally - fresh with inspiration to help, after listening to a radio sermon - offers to run it. Her efforts are undermined when the children's friends start donating items without permission.


7. Fair Exchange

First broadcast: Wednesday 12th June 1974

A French foreign exchange student comes to stay with the family. When Sally realises she's lost her wedding ring, suspicion falls immediately upon the stranger in the house - could this be the beginnings of an international incident?


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