...And Mother Makes Five. Sally Redway (Wendy Craig).

...And Mother Makes Five

ITV sitcom about an extended family. 26 episodes (4 series), 1974 - 1976. Stars Wendy Craig, Richard Coleman, Robin Davies, David Parfitt and others.

Series 3

1. Growing Pains

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th June 1975

When Simon starts taking an interest in birds, booze and motorbikes, David advises Sally to stop mollycoddling him and let him get on with learning about life the hard way. But he finds that his methods are harder to practice than to preach!


2. Goodbye Mr Turnbull

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th June 1975

The Redways bid goodbye to their crotchety old neighbour Mr Turnbull, but when they see a brass band enthusiast show an interest in the house they start to feel nostalgic...


3. Friends And Neighbours

First broadcast: Wednesday 18th June 1975

In an effort to make the new neighbours feel welcome, Sally organises a few drinks - but the best laid plans of mice and mums don't always pay off!


4. The Mating Test

First broadcast: Wednesday 25th June 1975

Sally finds that going to sleep in a "wigwam" is not conducive to good marital relations and causes big trouble.


5. Legs Eleven

First broadcast: Wednesday 2nd July 1975

A most unusual football match is about to take place between the Women's Institute and the Police Force - an arresting sight indeed!


6. Art For Art's Sake

First broadcast: Wednesday 9th July 1975

It looks like Sally's new hobby of painting is about to land her in trouble with the police on seven continents. It's enough to wipe the smile off the Laughing Cavalier!


7. Health Through Joy

First broadcast: Wednesday 16th July 1975

A week on a health farm causes Sally to appreciate that carrots are not a great substitute for steak and kidney pie. Then there is the rather morose comedian sitting opposite her...


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