All Gas And Gaiters. Image shows from L to R: Henry - The Archdeacon (Robertson Hare), The Rt. Rev. Dr. Cuthbert Hever - The Bishop (William Mervyn), The Rev. Mervyn Noote - The Chaplain (Derek Nimmo). Copyright: BBC.

All Gas And Gaiters

BBC One sitcom about mild-mannered clergymen. 33 episodes (pilot + 5 series), 1966 - 1971. Stars Robertson Hare, William Mervyn, Derek Nimmo, John Barron and others.

Series 3

1. The Bishop Learns The Facts

First broadcast: Wednesday 8th January 1969

It appears that Noote has finally found a girlfriend and the Archdeacon thinks the time is right for the Bishop to tell him the facts of life. But, in reality, Noote has been asked to perform a marriage service for the young lady in question who happens to be an old friend. Once again the Dean causes chaos with his meddling and the misunderstandings abound...


2. The Bishop Has A Flutter

First broadcast: Wednesday 15th January 1969

The Archdeacon offers the Bishop a chance to make some money by selling him tickets for an OAP raffle. The Bishop is going to the point-to-point horse racing and is encouraged by the Archdeacon to have a bet. But the question of gambling is given a positive spin by the Archdeacon - after all raffle tickets are technically gambling. The Bishop is now convinced that having a flutter is not real gambling and determines to "have a bit of fun without losing control".


3. The Bishop Is Hospitable

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd January 1969

The Dean agrees with St Paul that 'a Bishop should be given to hospitality' but he is taken by surprise at the outcome.


4. The Bishop Pays A Visit

First broadcast: Wednesday 29th January 1969

The Bishop is stung by the Dean's accusation that his visits to the diocese are a year out of date. In an attempt to teach the Dean a lesson, he decides to visit St. Ogg's, in his official capacity, and make the Dean account for every item in the Cathedral's inventory...


5. The Bishop Takes A Holiday

First broadcast: Wednesday 5th February 1969

There is evidence that the Methodists are poaching Anglican congregations so the Bishop decides to fight fire with fire.


6. The Affair At Cookham Lock

First broadcast: Wednesday 12th February 1969

There is great anticipation at St. Ogg's when the final episode of a TV thriller is about to be broadcast - but the Dean does not share their enthusiasm and his presence is not welcome.


7. The Bishop Keeps His Diary

First broadcast: Wednesday 19th February 1969

Keeping a diary should be a very private affair but the Bishop is having trouble keeping his a secret from the Dean.


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