After You've Gone. Image shows from L to R: Diana Neal (Celia Imrie), Molly Venables (Dani Harmer), Alex Venables (Ryan Sampson), Jimmy Venables (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Siobhan Casey (Amanda Abbington).

After You've Gone

BBC One sitcom about a family. 25 episodes (3 series), 2007 - 2008. Stars Nicholas Lyndhurst, Celia Imrie, Ryan Sampson, Dani Harmer and others.

Series 2

After You've Gone. Image shows from L to R: Jimmy Venables (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Alex Venables (Ryan Sampson). Copyright: BBC / Rude Boy Productions.

1. Web Of Deceit

First broadcast: Friday 7th September 2007

Diana and the children return from a trip to Africa to find the house in a state and evidence that Siobhan's been staying over. Molly is particularly unimpressed but refuses to speak to Jimmy about her feelings, forcing him to read her internet blog to find out what the problem is.


2. Rose Tattoo

First broadcast: Friday 14th September 2007

Jimmy accidentally sees Diana naked in the shower and Molly takes advantage of his shock by getting him to agree to her having a tattoo. Meanwhile, Alex takes an aptitude test at school and the results indicate that accountancy is an appropriate career.


3. Tell Tale

First broadcast: Friday 21st September 2007

Jimmy plans a poker game with Kev, Siobhan and Bobby, but when one of them drops out, Diana steps into the breach and, with a little inside information, is able to see through Jimmy's bluffing. Meanwhile Molly is eager to look better than rival Becky in the school photograph.


4. Meet The Parent

First broadcast: Friday 28th September 2007

Jimmy is invited out to meet Siobhan's father. His nerves aren't helped when Diana decides to tag along. Diana and Siobhan's dad soon hit it off but when Diana wants out of the relationship it is up to Jimmy to help her end things.


5. Love And War

First broadcast: Friday 5th October 2007

Jimmy's plans for a leisurely weekend are ruined when Diana makes a surprising and unwelcome discovery about the past. Cue Jimmy having to run around trying to find out who was having an affair with Diana's husband before he died. Whilst the attention of the adults is elsewhere Molly and Alex's tit for tat war starts to get out-of-hand.


6. When She Came Back

First broadcast: Friday 12th October 2007

Jimmy's efforts to impress the children's mother on a short visit home turn to disaster.


7. Ride Of The Valkyrie

First broadcast: Friday 19th October 2007

Jimmy is short of cash, so Diana hatches a plan that will help them both.


8. Just Say No

First broadcast: Friday 26th October 2007

After a visit to the hospital, Jimmy reveals feelings no-one knew he had - least of all Jimmy.


After You've Gone. Image shows from L to R: Kev (Lee Oakes), Molly Venables (Dani Harmer), Jimmy Venables (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Siobhan Casey (Amanda Abbington), Diana Neal (Celia Imrie), Alex Venables (Ryan Sampson). Copyright: BBC / Rude Boy Productions.

Christmas Special: And So This Is Christmas

First broadcast: Sunday 23rd December 2007

Jimmy and Diana want to give Molly and Alex a normal, traditional family Christmas - but this is not a normal, traditional family!

Meanwhile, the school play puts everyone under pressure.


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After You've Gone - Series Two

After You've Gone - Series Two DVD

Release date: Monday 22nd September 2008

When his ex-wife volunteers to go to east Africa to help the victims of a natural disaster, weekend-dad Jimmy agrees to take care of their two teenage kids full time - unfortunately, his ex-mother-in-law takes it upon herself to do the same.