To Hull And Back. Image shows from L to R: Sheila (Maureen Lipman), Sophie (Lucy Beaumont).

To Hull And Back

BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 2 sitcom by Lucy Beaumont. 13 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 2014 - 2018. Stars Lucy Beaumont, Maureen Lipman, Norman Lovett and Kerrie Marsh.

Series 2

1. This Must Be It

First broadcast: Wednesday 10th August 2016

It seems that Sophie might be about to escape the family home and the clutches of her overprotective mother. Will an acting audition be the break Sophie has been waiting for?

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2. Is There Anyone Out There?

First broadcast: Wednesday 17th August 2016

Sophie takes a shine to the new lodger; but the last thing Sheila wants is her daughter getting romantically involved with a UFO fanatic, or anyone else for that matter. She does her best to get rid of this interloper.


3. Is That You Mr Brown?

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th August 2016

An elderly Mrs Chiltern comes to stay after her cat goes missing. Sophie tries to get some bits and pieces together to sell, to pay for a car, her mother buys an antique crystal ball and attempts to tell the fortune of a neighbour with piles.


4. Where Do You Think You're Going?

First broadcast: Wednesday 31st August 2016

In the last episode of this series, Sophie thinks that she'll finally get to meet her Auntie Pamela and her mother gets a job at Humber Helpline, to prove to Sophie that she's the kind one of the two sisters.