Ed Reardon's Week. Ed Reardon (Christopher Douglas). Copyright: BBC.

Ed Reardon's Week

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a poor writer. 82 episodes (13 series), 2005 - 2020. Stars Christopher Douglas, Philip Jackson, Barunka O'Shaughnessy, Stephanie Cole and others.

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Series 8

1. Have A Great Weekend

First broadcast: Tuesday 3rd April 2012

As we renew our acquaintance with Ed we find him in a somewhat lighter mood, enjoying normal weekend-ish type things, like having a bath, and whistling. He's also visiting the DIY store - because he can.

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2. Original British Drama

First broadcast: Tuesday 10th April 2012

Following one of his numerous pithy letters of complaint to the BBC, Ed finds himself doing some research for his son, Jake, the only family member left representing the name of 'Reardon' working in the media.

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3. It's A Nude Nude Nude Nude World

First broadcast: Tuesday 17th April 2012

Jaz Milvain asks Ed to curate a moving tribute to him and his work in film for the 'surprise' party that he is organising for his 60th birthday.

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4. Making A Difference

First broadcast: Tuesday 24th April 2012

Ed finds himself an unlikely star of local radio when he decides to try and make a difference to the rail network.

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5. Rosicrucian Armageddon 2

First broadcast: Tuesday 1st May 2012

Ed's daughter Eli arrives to stay, complete with son and dream catcher, whilst Ed is trying to write authentic 'oldenspeak' for the gaming sensation Rosicrucian Armageddon 2.

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6. Keeping The Flame Alive

First broadcast: Tuesday 8th May 2012

With the Olympics looming Stan spies a golden opportunity - renting out Ed's flat for the duration of the games at the princely sum of £3,000 a week. So Ed has to pack up his newspaper collection, sift through his takeaway trays and leave the place he's called home for the last years. But where will he go?


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Ed Reardon's Week - The Complete Eighth Series

Ed Reardon's Week - The Complete Eighth Series Download

Release date: Thursday 21st May 2015

In these six episodes, Ed finds himself enjoying "weekend-ish things"; working with his son Jake on a piece of "genuine" factutainment; writing a tribute for Jaz Milvane's 60th birthday celebrations; starring on local radio; lending some authentic "oldspeak" to the modern gaming fraternity; and searching for a new home when...