Ed Reardon's Week. Ed Reardon (Christopher Douglas). Copyright: BBC.

Ed Reardon's Week

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a poor writer. 82 episodes (13 series), 2005 - 2020. Stars Christopher Douglas, Philip Jackson, Barunka O'Shaughnessy, Stephanie Cole and others.

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Series 1

1. The Swim

First broadcast: Friday 7th January 2005

Does it seem like the media is run by idiots, lying charlatans and moronic 12-year-olds? Welcome to the world of Ed Reardon.

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2. Pulp Non-Fiction

First broadcast: Friday 14th January 2005

Ed finds a review of his new book in the magazine Caravan and Camper. Rather than pay for photocopying, he steals the magazine from the library - an act that results in a jail sentence for the poor author.

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3. Holby City

First broadcast: Friday 21st January 2005

Ed is in desperate need of a new roof so his agent, Ping, gets him an interview to write for a TV hospital drama.


4. The Old Lock-Keeper

First broadcast: Friday 28th January 2005

Ed's week is marred by the death of an old pal, deceptive junk mail and huge egos. But has Ed's big break finally come when he takes over The Old Lock-Keeper column?


5. The Winona Defence

First broadcast: Friday 4th February 2005

Ed has fallen in love, but his cat proves to be an insurmountable obstacle to happy ever after.


6. King Of The Road

First broadcast: Friday 11th February 2005

Ed's past is catching up with him, but it turns out to be an unexpected blessing. His career unexpectedly re-ignites after a faculty fracas with an old rival at a university.


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Ed Reardon's Week - The Complete First Series

Ed Reardon's Week - The Complete First Series Audio

Release date: Wednesday 10th September 2008

Series 1 of the Radio 4 comedy. Welcome to the world of Ed Reardon. Each episode tracks Ed's flawed attempts to escape poverty and gain the literary success he strongly feels is due.