Ed Reardon's Week. Ed Reardon (Christopher Douglas). Copyright: BBC.

Ed Reardon's Week

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a poor writer. 88 episodes (14 series), 2005 - 2021. Stars Christopher Douglas, Philip Jackson, Barunka O'Shaughnessy, Stephanie Cole and others.

Returns 9th June at 6:30pm. Episode Guide

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Series 1 (2005)

Does it seem to you like the media is run by idiots, lying charlatans and moronic 12-year-olds? Welcome to the world of Ed Reardon...

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Series 3 (2006 - 2007)

Ping gets Ed to write a novel to cash in on the 'violent childhood memoirs' market... but Ed stuggles to fabricate his past. Matters are made worse when his dad comes to stay.

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Series 4 (2007)

With reports of his death greatly exaggerated, Ed struggles with the dreaded tax return and surprises the literary world by being alive...

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Series 5 (2008)

Ed finds himself in gainful employment writing for a local lifestyle magazine when everyone at the agency goes on holiday. There may even be a romantic holiday on the horizon for him.

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Series 6 (2010)

Ed is now a happily-retired author. Not only that but he's well fed, warm and happily ensconced in Berkhampstead's premier accommodation of choice for the financially distressed.

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Series 7 (2011)

Austerity has hit Ed hard and he is picking blackberries from the canal towpath for his breakfast. However, things may be looking up for Ed as he has started working with "the most disturbingly fresh and mesmerisingly compelling voice of his generation"...

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Series 8 (2012)

We find Ed in a somewhat lighter mood at the start of Series 8. His renewed acquaintance with 1960's hot young model, Fiona Templeton, could have much to do with this new outlook, particularly as they have a shared love of the free sachets to be found in the Sunday newspapers.

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Series 9 (2013)

As Ed tries to get back into former girlfriend Fiona's good books, he finds himself retiring from the writing trade and applying for real jobs. So it is, he writes a personal statement and attends his first interview for a salaried position since, well, ever...

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Series 10 (2015)

Over the 10th series, Ed takes advantage of the numerous empty premises in need of temporary caretakers and live-in guardians, or 'guardian angels' as Ed likes to think of them, as Stan throws him out on the street.

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Series 11 (2016)

In this series Ed finds himself in slightly unfamiliar territory as he has entered the groves of academe and returned to full-time education at "Uni".

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Series 12 (2017)

Ed Reardon is back, and after being sent down from University for misappropriation of funds he finds himself temporarily living in a hotel trying to write the first in a new series of novels about his eponymous hero, Inspector Masterson.

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Series 13 (2019)

Ed Reardon continues to attempt to survive in a world where the media seems to be run by idiots and lying charlatans.

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