No Such Thing As A Fish: Why a good fact is like a good joke

No Such Thing As A Fish. Image shows from L to R: Dan Schreiber, Andrew Hunter Murray, James Harkin, Anna Ptaszynski

We caught up in London with Anna Ptaszynski and James Harkin of smash-hit podcast No Such Thing As A Fish, discussing audience interaction, how to find comedy in seemingly anodyne facts, and why a good fact is like a good joke. The Fish - Anna and James, plus Dan Schreiber and Andrew Hunter Murray - have tapped into a cultural zeitgeist, uniting nerds across the world, and it must be the best possible job: to sit all day long and research whatever interests you!

[b]Hi both! Did you know from the start that Fish would be a success? We were...

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From the podcast, No Such Thing As A Fish, The Book Of The Year 2019 written by Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski, Dan Schreiber, and James Harkin (Penguin Books, £12.99) is out now and can be purchased from

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