Mental health: how not to be crushed by creative career despair

Mental Health

Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Maybe a gig has failed to play out like it did in your imagination. Perhaps you've had another script rejection. Or maybe it feels like your entire career is on ice or not going in the direction you had in mind. That's okay. This is normal. These are the things that can weigh on the self-esteem of anyone who works in comedy.

As you already know on some level, the life of the comedian, comedy writer or producer/director necessarily comes with fabulous highs and lows. That's part of why you signed up, right? That's why you're not just looking for a safe and stable office admin job.

For every good night of surfing the laughter comes another night (and sometimes it's the same night) of lying awake in the darkness of a Travelodge with circular thoughts about where "it all went wrong." Here's...

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Published: Friday 3rd December 2021