How to make a living at comedy

Image shows from L to R: Marek Larwood, Dave Cohen, David Quantick, Hatty Ashdown, Anthony MacMurray

Here's an hour-long podcast discussion based around the topics of juggling jobs, and earning enough money from comedy to allow you to give up your day job.

We know everyone is desperate to secure that million dollar movie deal (it happens), but in the meantime how do you keep on top of the heating bills and supplied with biscuits?

We hear how networking is so important, ways to try and schedule your comedy work around the rest of things going on in life, and what is the right time to give up the day job to do comedy full time? Plus an explanation of how, even when you have an agent, you still have to get most of your work yourself... but being represented by an agent can have plus points.

Freelance writer Dave Cohen leads the discussion. David Quantick, who has helpfully written a book called How To Write Everything (and he has!), offers some amusingly blunt and honest insight and advice. Also on the panel is Marek Larwood, who discusses working across multiple mediums, and the power of YouTube.

The panel, which took place as part of The Big Comedy Conference 2014, also features Hatty Ashdown and Anthony MacMurray, the co-writers of the Comedy Central sitcom Give Out Girls.

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Published: Tuesday 9th April 2019

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