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Chris Sussman.

BBC Studios comedy exec Chris Sussman moves to Netflix

Chris Sussman, the head of comedy at BBC Studios, is to move to Netflix.

Deadline reports that he will now oversee the streaming giant's UK scripted team, as Netflix expands its production resources in Britain, to create more home-grown content for its subscribers.

Sussman was named head of comedy in March 2016. Prior to that he was a commissioning editor for the BBC. His CV includes Famalam, Two Doors Down, Upstart Crow and Mum.

He will remain at BBC Studios until he has completed work on a new BBC Studios comedy series for Apple. This project has yet to be officially announced, but it is believed to be called Alabama, a series written by Andy Wolton, starring Rafe Spall.

BBC Studios announced in July that Big Talk Productions producer Josh Cole would take over from Sussman later this year.

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