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BCG Pro Success Stories: Lucy Regent

Lucy Regent

Pro member Lucy Regent tells us how she got where she is, and her plans for the future.

For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm Lucy Regent.

I started out writing and directing slightly more serious projects in New York after having moved there from England to study a filmmaking degree.

As fate would have it, my most popular short was a comedy. Something clicked in my mind; perhaps I'm supposed to do all the funny stuff I do in real life on screen as well?

When I look back it makes sense. If you were to ask a typical seven-year-old what their favourite TV show is they probably wouldn't reply with The Vicar Of Dibley or Last Of The Summer Wine - but I would have.

I had apparently decided to be consistent in my weirdness and as I entered my formative years I developed an unhealthy obsession with Kenneth Williams (he was a genius and I'm not prepared to debate it).

I quickly became the teenager making everyone at school laugh, no matter when, or how, but especially in inappropriate settings. That's when I'm at my most outrageous and delightful. I'm entertaining at celebrations but honestly, I'm the perfect friend to invite to a funeral or a mental breakdown. I'll make you laugh at the graveside.

Once I settled into writing comedy, and became more confident, I slowly edged out from behind the keyboard.

Lucy Regent

I realised getting on stage or being in front of the camera and being able to have those facial expressions or physical comedy movements accompany what I had written really seemed to hit the spot with people and now I can't imagine doing comedy any other way.

For me writing, directing and performing seem to be the perfect polyamorous career throuple and in the last few years I was able to transition from short films into sitcom length productions. My first pilot shot in 2021 went on to dominate the Comedy Film Festival scene in 2022/2023, winning five awards in a row and being nominated for many more.

I knew it was funny, I knew it had something, but even I was shocked at the way audiences were responding to it. With that said, pitching a TV show eight weeks out of a global lockdown was like being birthed into some sort of fresh devil hell. I knew I had my work cut out for me but it truly was a baptism of fire. I continue to be extremely grateful for those who were supporting and promoting my career at such a turbulent time.

The first thing industry professionals asked me after the success of the pilot was, "Great, what else have you got?".

Obviously, these are words I had waited my entire life to hear but when you actually hear them you have to think to yourself, 'Okay, whatever I bring to the table now, it has to be good, better than before, better than anything else I've ever written,' and that can come with some pressure!

I honed in on four strong pilot scripts and have ended up with two new sitcom pieces that I know will work. I need to be back out there, making people laugh, being silly in front of the camera and bossy behind it - it's what I'm built for!

I'm also focusing on human rights work this year and launching my social enterprise, Mind Over Letter. It will sell funny comedy cards aimed at putting communication tools back into the hands of those who need it most and empowering people to express themselves through the use of humour, creativity, and the written word. I have decided 2024 is the year of attracting, not chasing: this is my new motto.

I'm extremely excited for this year and want to give a huge shout out to BCG Pro as it has been such a useful tool for me: not just to spotlight my projects and myself as a creator, but they're always looking for new ways to help members, both established and up-and-coming, and the team are always so lovely.

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