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London Weekend Television.

LWT was the weekend broadcast franchise holder for ITV's London region from 2nd August 1968.

In the 1990s, LWT was purchased by Granada (ITV franchisee in England's North West). By 2001 Granada and Carlton - the London weekday broadcaster, then collectively owning all ITV broadcast franchises in England and Wales - took the decision to merge, becoming ITV plc under a single channel branding: ITV1.

The LWT brand continued to appear at the end of programmes it produced until late 2004, but the 2002 change brought its reign to an end for the casual viewer, although legally, London Weekend Television Limited was still responsible for content on ITV1 in the London region between 17:15 on Fridays and 05:59 on Mondays until the mid 2010s. All ITV in-house programming is now produced by ITV Studios.

LWT sitcoms include the Doctor In The House series, On The Buses, and Spaced.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
TV 2DTV. Copyright: London Weekend Television. 2DTV ITV Sketch Show Animated satire series.
TV Barrymore ITV Variety Variety entertainment series hosted by Michael Barrymore.
TV Faith In The Future. Image shows from L to R: Faith Grayshott (Lynda Bellingham), Hannah Grayshott (Julia Sawalha). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Faith In The Future ITV Sitcom In the sequel to Second Thoughts, Faith has split up with Bill and is enjoying a new-found freedom in her cosy flat and new job.
TV Hale And Pace. Image shows from L to R: Norman Pace, Gareth Hale. Copyright: London Weekend Television. Hale And Pace ITV Sketch Show Long-running and at times highly controversial sketch show starring comedy duo Hale and Pace.
TV In Bed With Medinner ITV Comedy Comic tales and satire from Bob Mills, commenting on every day life and often spoofing popular culture.
TV Beadle's About. Jeremy Beadle. Copyright: London Weekend Television. Beadle's About ITV Sketch Show Hidden camera show hosted by Britain's favourite practical joker, Jeremy Beadle.
TV The Brian Conley Show ITV Variety Songs, sketches, stand-up, celebrity guests, and an all-out assault on the nation's funny-bone, starring cheeky cockney Brian Conley.
TV Second Thoughts. Image shows from L to R: Faith (Lynda Bellingham), Bill (James Bolam). Second Thoughts ITV Sitcom Bill and Faith are middle-aged divorcees, ever-trying to forge a relationship together.
TV The Piglet Files. Image shows from L to R: Andrew Maxwell (John Ringham), Peter 'Piglet' Chapman (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Major Maurice Drummond (Clive Francis). Copyright: London Weekend Television. The Piglet Files ITV Sitcom Mild-mannered, unassuming electronics teacher Peter Chapman is head-hunted by MI5 to teach their spies about the latest espionage technology.
TV The Two Of Us ITV Sitcom Ashley and Elaine, a couple in their mid twenties, are very much in love. Although they live together, they both have contrasting views on life.
TV Cannon And Ball. Image shows from L to R: Tommy Cannon, Bobby Ball. Copyright: Rex. Cannon And Ball ITV Variety Popular and long-running variety series, primarily sketch and stand-up, starring northern clubland comics Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball.
TV Live From The Palladium ITV Variety
TV Me & My Girl. Image shows from L to R: Simon Harrap (Richard O'Sullivan), Samantha Harrap (Joanne Ridley). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Me & My Girl ITV Sitcom Simon is a widower, struggling to deal with his mother-in-law whilst raising a teenage daughter alone and running a successful advertising company.
TV Mind Your Language. Jeremy Brown (Barry Evans). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Mind Your Language ITV Sitcom Jeremy Brown finds that school days are not the happiest days of his life when he teaches English to adult foreign students.
TV Game For A Laugh. Copyright: London Weekend Television. Game For A Laugh ITV Sketch Show Games, practical jokes and silly scenarios - mostly starring Joe Public - hosted by Jeremy Beadle and co.
TV Live From Her Majesty's ITV Variety
TV No Problem!. Copyright: London Weekend Television. No Problem! C4 Sitcom The Powell kids are over the moon: their parents have returned to Jamaica and left them in charge of the house!.
TV Russ Abbot's Madhouse. Russ Abbot. Copyright: London Weekend Television. Russ Abbot's Madhouse ITV Sketch Show Long-running, high-rating comedy series showcasing the talents of Russ Abbot.
TV A Fine Romance. Image shows from L to R: Laura Dalton (Judi Dench), Mike Selway (Michael Williams). Copyright: London Weekend Television. A Fine Romance ITV Sitcom Gentle sitcom about the begrudging and at times difficult romance between two rather dull individuals; a translator and a gardener.
TV Punchlines ITV Panel Show
TV Metal Mickey. Copyright: London Weekend Television. Metal Mickey ITV Sitcom Children's show following lovable robot Metal Mickey as he attempts to help the Wilberforce family around the house.
TV Pig In The Middle ITV Sitcom Barty Wade meets Nellie Bligh at a party and, as he and wife Susan enjoy a 'distant' marriage, he forms a relationship with her.
TV Holding The Fort. Image shows from L to R: Russell Milburn (Peter Davison), Penny Milburn (Patricia Hodge). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Holding The Fort ITV Sitcom Domestic comedy following Russell & Penny Milburn: she returning to life as an Army Captain after giving birth, and he starting a home business.
TV The Goodies. Image shows from L to R: Tim (Tim Brooke-Taylor), Bill (Bill Oddie), Graeme (Graeme Garden). Copyright: BBC. The Goodies BBC2 Sitcom The Goodies are three young men who will do any job, anytime, anywhere.
TV Agony. Image shows from L to R: Laurence Lucas (Simon Williams), Jane Lucas (Maureen Lipman). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Agony ITV Sitcom Jane Lucas is a radio and magazine agony aunt whose problems seem to eclipse those of her 'patients'.
TV Bless Me, Father. Father Charles Clement Duddleswell (Arthur Lowe). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Bless Me, Father ITV Sitcom New priest Neil Boyd is shocked by the real world of ecclesiastical life when he's placed with the eccentric Father Duddleswell.
TV Mixed Blessings. Image shows from L to R: Thomas Simpson (Christopher Blake), Susan Lambert/Simpson (Muriel Odunton). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Mixed Blessings ITV Sitcom Sitcom following a newly married couple: he is white, she is black, and neither of their parents like it one little bit.
TV The Many Wives Of Patrick. Patrick Woodford (Patrick Cargill). Copyright: London Weekend Television. The Many Wives Of Patrick ITV Sitcom Patrick Woodford, a wealthy antiques dealer, unwittingly ensured that his life would remain complicated when he married - six times.
TV Two's Company. Image shows from L to R: Robert Hiller (Donald Sinden), Dorothy McNab (Elaine Stritch). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Two's Company ITV Sitcom When American writer Dorothy McNab advertises for a butler to run her Chelsea home, the call is answered by stiff-upper-lip Englishman Robert Hiller.
TV The Rag Trade. Image shows from L to R: Harold Fenner (Peter Jones), Paddy Fleming (Miriam Karlin). Copyright: BBC. The Rag Trade BBC1 Sitcom Each working day at Fenner's Fashions is a new struggle between the management and the workers.
TV The Worker. Charlie (Charlie Drake). The Worker ITV Sitcom Charlie Drake is The Worker, a man who has had 980 jobs in 20 years - most of them for one day! He is unemployable but that doesn't stop him trying.
TV Candid Camera ITV Sketch Show Revival of the classic hidden camera prank show.
TV Not On Your Nellie. Nelie Pickersgill (Hylda Baker). Copyright: London Weekend Television / Rex. Not On Your Nellie ITV Sitcom Nellie Pickersgill is a teetotaller, however she moves from Lancashire to London to help her father run a pub.
TV Romany Jones. Image shows from L to R: Lily Briggs (Queenie Watts), Wally Briggs (Arthur Mullard). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Romany Jones ITV Sitcom The misadventures of two couples living in close confines on a run-down caravan site.
TV On The Buses. Stan Butler (Reg Varney). Copyright: London Weekend Television. On The Buses ITV Sitcom Comedy following workshy bus driver Stan and his family; his conductor, Jack; and their depot boss, Inspector Blake.
TV The Fenn Street Gang. Image shows from L to R: Eric Duffy (Peter Cleall), Frankie Abbott (David Barry). Copyright: London Weekend Television. The Fenn Street Gang ITV Sitcom Sitcom spin-off from Please Sir!, following the pupils after leaving Fenn Street School.
TV Please Sir!. Bernard Hedges (John Alderton). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Please Sir! ITV Sitcom Teacher Bernard Hedges struggles to keep control over the unruly pupils at Fenn Street Secondary School. His form, 5C, are notoriously uneducatable.
TV No - That's Me Over Here!. Image shows from L to R: Ronnie Corbett (Ronnie Corbett), Laura Corbett (Rosemary Leach). Copyright: David Paradine Productions / London Weekend Television. No - That's Me Over Here! ITV Sitcom Ronnie is struggling in the continuing suburban status race, and locked in a bitter rivalry with his condescending neighbour and colleague, Cyril.
Film Wilt. Image shows from L to R: Flint (Mel Smith), Wilt (Griff Rhys Jones). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Wilt Film Comedy adapted from Tom Sharpe's celebrated novel about a teacher in a difficult marriage.
Film The Tall Guy Film

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
2001 TV Sketch Show 2DTV
1999 TV Sitcom Spaced
1998 TV Stand-Up The Thoughts Of Chairman Alf
1997 TV Sitcom Blind Men
1995 TV Sitcom Faith In The Future
1993 TV Sitcom Time After Time
1991 TV Sketch Show Julie Walters And Friends
1990 TV Stand-Up Frankie Howerd On Campus
1990 TV Sitcom Not With A Bang
1990 TV Sitcom The Piglet Files
1989 TV Sitcom Close To Home
1989 TV Sitcom High Street Blues
1988 TV Stand-Up Friday Night Live
1987 TV Sitcom Running Wild
1986 TV Sketch Show Beadle's About
1986 TV Sitcom Hot Metal
1985 TV Comedy Drama Mapp & Lucia
1984 TV Comedy Drama Blue Money
1984 TV Sitcom Bottle Boys
1983 TV Sitcom No Problem!
1983 TV Sitcom Now And Then
1983 TV Sitcom Struggle
1982 TV Comedy Drama Outside Edge
1982 TV Sitcom Whoops Apocalypse
1981 TV Sitcom A Fine Romance
1981 TV Stand-Up Beat The Carrott
1981 TV Sitcom Kinvig
1980 TV Sitcom Holding The Fort
1980 TV Sitcom Metal Mickey
1980 TV Sitcom Nobody's Perfect
1980 TV Sketch Show Peter Cook & Co
1980 TV Sitcom Pig In The Middle
1979 TV Sitcom Agony
1979 TV Stand-Up Freddie Starr's Variety Madhouse
1979 TV Sitcom The Glums
1978 TV Stand-Up An Audience With Jasper Carrott
1978 TV Sitcom Bless Me, Father
1978 TV Sitcom Mixed Blessings
1977 TV Sitcom Just William
1976 TV Sitcom Lucky Feller
1976 TV Sitcom Maggie And Her
1976 TV Sitcom The Fosters
1976 TV Sitcom The Many Wives Of Patrick
1976 TV Sitcom Yes - Honestly
1976 TV Sitcom Yus, My Dear
1975 TV Sitcom Doctor On The Go
1975 TV Variety Larry Grayson
1975 TV Sitcom Two's Company
1974 TV Sitcom Don't Drink The Water
1974 TV Sitcom No - Honestly
1974 TV Sitcom Not On Your Nellie
1974 TV Stand-Up The Larry Grayson Hour Of Stars
1974 TV Sitcom The Top Secret Life Of Edgar Briggs
1974 TV Sitcom Thick As Thieves
1973 TV Sitcom Billy Liar
1973 TV Sitcom Bowler
1972 TV Sitcom Doctor In Charge
1972 TV Sitcom In For A Penny
1972 TV Sitcom Romany Jones
1972 TV Sketch Show The Stanley Baxter Picture Show
1971 TV Sitcom Kindly Leave The Kerb
1970 TV Stand-Up Joe
1970 TV Sitcom The Mating Machine
1969 TV Sitcom Curry & Chips
1969 TV Sitcom Doctor In The House
1969 TV Sitcom On The Buses
1969 TV Sitcom Ours Is A Nice House
1969 TV Sketch Show The Complete And Utter History Of Britain
1969 TV Sitcom The Fossett Saga
1969 TV Sitcom The Galton & Simpson Comedy
1969 TV Stand-Up Tommy Cooper
1969 TV Sitcom Up Pompeii!
1968 TV Sitcom Never A Cross Word
1968 TV Sitcom Please Sir!
1968 TV Sitcom Thingumybob
1961 TV Sitcom The Rag Trade