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John Stanley Productions

John Stanley Productions.

John Stanley Productions was founded by Matt Lucas in 2011. They are most famous for producing the Radio 4 sitcom, The Casebook Of Max And Ivan.

Recent productions

Year Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
2019 Radio Max & Ivan. Image shows from L to R: Max Olesker, Ivan Gonzalez. Copyright: Mike South. The Casebook Of Max And Ivan Radio 4 Sitcom Radio sitcom starring double-act Max & Ivan as private detectives.
2016 TV Marley's Ghosts. Image shows from L to R: Adam Wise (John Hannah), Marley Wise (Sarah Alexander), Michael Walton (Nicholas Burns), Vicar (Jo Joyner). Copyright: John Stanley Productions. Marley's Ghosts Gold Sitcom Sitcom about a woman who can talk to the dead: particularly her former husband, lover, and their vicar.
2015 Radio Britain Versus The World. Image shows from L to R: Hal Cruttenden, Ed Byrne, Henning Wehn. Copyright: John Stanley Productions. Britain Versus The World Radio 4 Extra Panel Show Radio 4 panel show format in which British comedians take on comedians from other countries in a series of games.

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
2015 TV Sitcom Bull
2015 Radio Panel Show Chat Show Roulette
2015 TV Sitcom Pompidou
2013 Radio Sketch Show 2525
2013 Radio Panel Show Britain Versus The World
2013 Radio Sketch Show Here Be Dragons
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