RHLSTP with Richard Herring: Sony Awards special

RHLSTP Extra - the Sony Awards. Unbelievably this stupid cock / hamhand / bigfoot-obsessed podcast got nominated for a Sony Comedy Award up against proper BBC comedy shows. But would it win? (spoiler alert - don't look at the picture).

Rich decided to try and get some value out of the £1200 it cost him to enter and attend the ceremony and, because his whole life must be documented, he made this into a podcast too. He interviews his competitors Isy Suttie, Rufus Hound and John Finnemore, and gets steadily more drunk (and is quite drunk at the start).

All the excitement, embarrassment and self-indulgence is captured on a digital recorder, including the moment when he found out if he'd won or lost. Also featuring our producer Ben Walker, wife Catie Wilkins and, producer of John Finnemore's show, Ed Morrish. And quite a lot of alcohol. This is why it's a good job that Rich stays sober for the regular podcasts.

The new series starts on May 27th with Chris Addison. You can listen to the audio for free as usual, or come along to the Leicester Square Theatre and be part of the audience or download a video of the evening from www.gofasterstripe.com/podcasts for a small fee (which will go to paying for the expense of filming). Do tell your friends.

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  • Published: 24th May 2013
  • Length: 29 mins
  • Size: 26.73mb

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