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RHLSTP 29 - Miles Jupp

RHLSTP #29: Miles Jupp - What IS the Story in Balamory? Richard tells a story of a terrifying prediction made by an Armenian fortune teller and is needlessly insulting to a dead broadcaster before introducing this week's guest, Miles Jupp. Although Jupp has appeared in films with George Clooney and Jon Stewart and won plaudits for his stage and TV work, Richard is keen to talk to him about the children's television show, Balamory, and NOTHING ELSE. The audience do not share the host's fascination with this lazily acted, repetitive show for pre-schoolers, but Herring's view is clouded by watching it in a fun of alcoholic despair, so it made him question the very nature of being. Don't worry, the Balamory part only lasts about 25 minutes, so there's still at least an hour of chat about divinity, the Harry Potter franchise, tea tasting and fly fishing, Miles' suspiciously late booking for the podcast and a bizarre phobia of lettuce. You'll also find out some of the good things that terrorists have said and done and witness Richard losing the ability to speak and the will to live as his half-marathon exhaustion finally overcomes him. At least he's not an Imp Pervert.

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Published: 30th October 2013.   Length: 96 minutes.   Size: 132mb


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