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RHLSTP 34 - Adam Buxton

RHLSTP #34: Adam Buxton - You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore. Rich is back for an unprecedented 5th series of this stupid podcast, worried that he might have the same effect on this week's guest as he did with Stephen Merchant. But it's unlikely as it's a welcome return for the man with the pink bicycle, Adam Buxton. What is the ethical age for a dog to be before you have sex with it? How much does the cartoon The Snowman inform us about the career of David Bowie? Are we ready to consider the mortality of our fathers? Plus a (prearranged?) call from Buxton junior.

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Published: 27th February 2014.   Length: 74 minutes.   Size: 100.85mb


A video clip from this episode. Adam Buxton jokes about the finger-through-time question:

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