RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 31 - Ross Noble

RHLSTP #31: Ross Noble - Trojan Badger. The company director with the sexiest voice in the world is in the front row and Richard is needlessly rude to his less sexy fans. His guest is one of the world's greatest improvisers, Ross Noble. Richard shows how hard interaction can be by failing to find anything funny to say about the rest of the front row. But luckily from there on in, he is not going to get a word in edgeways as Ross talks non-stop for approaching 100 minutes about TGI Friday's, what it's like to own a tank, convincing his daughter that he's a wizard, why you can't trust Twitter to provide medical advice, why he's more Geordie than Cheryl Cole and how difficult it is to peel potatoes when all your possessions have been destroyed. There are also pyres of burning animals and mad cow leather trousers and criticisms of a hopefully still living Bruce Forsyth. Can Ross get comedy gold where Richard failed by interrogating a child therapist in the front row or can it only end in disaster? Can the pair keep the podcast going forever? Is it still going on now? Will you ever be able to catch up?

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  • Published: 13th November 2013
  • Length: 93 mins
  • Size: 128.31mb


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