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RHLSTP 32 - Simon Pegg

RHLSTP #32: Simon Pegg - In A Round Hole. Richard has just returned from Vienna, burdened with ice-cream disappointments and further worries about his wife's insensitive choice of cheese. But he's got a blinding guest to cheer him up, a man who has appeared in the triumvirate of sci-fi classics, but that won't mean anything until he's learned to jaunt, Simon Pegg. They discuss what Tom Cruise is really like, the pressures of being a godfather to a superstar baby, playing pranks and throwing up on the set of Star Trek, what it's like working with your teenage film star crush, time-travel cock rings, Ben Dover's merchandise and Richard suggests a new sitcom which might provide an opening for the return of Spaced. It probably won't though. And Richard dares to ask Simon what he himself considers his worst film. There could be fireworks!

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Published: 20th November 2013.   Length: 65 minutes.   Size: 89.97mb


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