RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 30 - Dara O Briain

RHLSTP #30: Dara O Briain - Penis Sausage. Richard is stuffed to the gills with giant chocolate buttons and recounts the time he got lost in Buckingham Palace, and still is on the prowl for flies to murder. There is a beef with his guest, Dara O Briain, who still remembers the scathing review that Herring gave him in an online diary back in 1998. And there's more online comment as the pair discuss the sexual fantasies that comedy fans harbour on Dirty Britcom Confessions. There's also chat about how to cope with fatalities on aeroplanes, whether it was worth almost dying on the Zambezi to stop African children being able to play, the paradoxes of digit-based time travel and the truth about goose rescuing myths. And Dara has definitely seen a Bigfoot. If you take nothing else away from this podcast then let it be that.

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  • Published: 6th November 2013
  • Length: 72 mins
  • Size: 98.56mb


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