RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 28 - Miranda Hart

RHLSTP #28: Miranda Hart - Randy Dyke. After the infestation of flies that plagued the first two podcasts of the series, Richard has been gifted a tennis racquet shaped fly exterminator to try and deal with the issue. There aren't many flies around, but a game member of the audience agrees to be zapped. May she rest in peace. Richard is still a bit sore from running a half-Marathon (sponsor him here) in the record breaking time of under 2 hrs 38 minutes, but has a guest who has run 100 metres in just over 12 seconds, Miranda Hart. The pair last appeared together in the short film, A Very British Cult, in which Richard was the STAR, so let's just remember that and none of the stuff that's happened subsequently. They also chat about the different comedy they have created from falling into graves, being mistaken for the wrong gender, laughing at inappropriate times and Miranda's trial for QPR. There's a further exciting evolution for the ham hand/suncream armpit question (which leaves ham and armpits behind) and a treat for fans of the opening credits of some of the series of Not Going Out (that's just Richard then).

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  • Published: 23rd October 2013
  • Length: 71 mins
  • Size: 97.65mb


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