The Twelve Shows Of Richard Herring

The Twelve Shows Of Richard Herring: Episode 13

TSORH #13 - Mars Bars? It's the final show and it's maybe the toughest of the whole challenge, a brand new hour of stand-up. Has Rich managed to write enough whilst simultaneously learning another eleven 90+ minute shows? Will it be a triumph or a disaster? The theatre is packed with people here to find out. Richard is joined by the sexcrement that inspired the show, as he looks forwards and backwards over his career. With a bonus FREE 40 minutes of stand-up that got cut from the rest of the show and his summation of how the project has gone, this is a big bonus ending to the series. For details of the 'Happy Now?' tour go to To buy the 12 show audios go to Thanks for your support over this crazy month and a bit.

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  • Published: 18th September 2015
  • Length: 57 mins
  • Size: 51.9mb

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