The Twelve Shows Of Richard Herring

The Twelve Shows Of Richard Herring: Episode 11

TSORH #11 - Wriggling and Wiggling and Copulating Inside Her. Somehow we've got through to show 10 of the run unscathed. Richard is nervous about another unexpectedly complex show, We're All Going To Die! Will this be where he stumbles and falls? Will he actually die on stage? Hear his pre and post match analysis, plus an airborne stage invasion at a weirdly apt time. Herring also looks forward to the last two remaining shows, Lord of the Dance Settee and the as yet, not entirely written, Happy Now?

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Published: 10th September 2015.   Length: 31 minutes.   Size: 28.8mb

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The 12 Shows Of Richard Herring.

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The 12 Shows Of Richard Herring.

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