The Twelve Shows Of Richard Herring

The Twelve Shows Of Richard Herring: Episode 9

TSORH #9 - Heil Herring. It's show 8, unbelievably, and time for Richard to shave down (surely for the last time - in public) to the Herring Moustache (as it never ended up being called). Find out how he failed to get a photo with Charlie Chaplin, how the ghost of the moustache haunted him on his way home and listen to his first major crisis in the run so far, where he totally forgot where he was and seemingly had no way back. Mortifying for me, but probably amusing for me. Find out the latest sales league table and how to get copies of the remaining show programmes. Download the audios of the first ten shows (for a small fee) at

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  • Published: 3rd September 2015
  • Length: 24 mins
  • Size: 21.9mb

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