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The Lost Sitcoms: Till Death Us Do Part - review

While there were some laughs, especially in the phone box scenes in which lines get crossed, the episode did feel at times rather pedestrian. You get the feeling that of all the episodes the BBC could have picked to remake, this was one of the lesser ones.

Ian Wolf, On The Box, 1st September 2016

Till Death Us Do Part preview

Tightened budgets are cutting deep at the BBC. They can't even afford sets with walls for their season of Lost Sitcoms...

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 1st September 2016

Preview: Till Death Us Do Part

Unfortunately, this outdated set-up works against the production, reminding audiences how much our day to day lives have changed in 40 years - and not just with the advent of mobile phones and, dare we say it, Just Eat and Deliveroo.

The Velvet Onion, 31st August 2016

TV preview: Till Death Us Do Part, BBC4

Are you ready for a cross between Festen and Mrs Brown's Boys? This is the weirdest contribution to the Landmark Sitcom Season yet. BBC4 has recreated a lost episode of the 1960s Alf Garnett sitcom Till Death Us Do Part using Johnny Speight's surviving script. And as they say on the internet, when you watch it your jaw will hit the floor.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 31st August 2016

Lost Sitcoms announce Steptoe & Son, Alf Garnett and Hancock casts

BBC Four has announced the casting for The Lost Sitcoms. Jeff Rawle and Ed Coleman will star in Steptoe And Son, whilst Simon Day will play Alf Garnett.

British Comedy Guide, 29th March 2016