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There's something acutely charmless about The Guess List. Add the merest touch of desperation and look what you've got - a Saturday-night game show. Host Rob Brydon works tremendously hard to keep the thing pelting along as he gently, and often not so gently, insults a panel of celebrity guests who this week include Nick Hewer, Helen Skelton and Eamonn Holmes.

Inevitably there's plenty of ribaldry when the guests are asked to pinpoint an embarrassing first date.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 17th May 2014

One of TV's most unlikely - but no less enjoyable for that - cross-fertilisations returns as the 8 out of 10 Cats comedy quiz team takes over (for the third time) the veteran words and numbers game Countdown. Once again, Jimmy Carr replaces Nick Hewer in the presenter's chair, while Jon Richardson is joined by Rhod Gilbert to take on fellow comedians Lee Mack (replacing absent captain Sean Lock) and Rob Beckett. In Dictionary Corner with Countdown's Susie Dent is performance poet Tim Key, while Rachel Riley gets less welcome assistance from beardy Joe Wilkinson.

Gerard O'Donovan, The Telegraph, 11th April 2013

Jack Whitehall is on a roll. His performance as feckless toff JP in Fresh Meat is a galloping comic tour de force. His sitcom-writing debut, Bad Education, was well received. His national stand-up tour has just come out on DVD in time for the Christmas gold rush. And now here he is guest hosting Britain's top panel show at the grand old age of 23.

By way of counterweight, one of tonight's guests will be the formidable and funny Baroness Trumpington, at 90 the oldest guest ever to appear in the series. Her career has stretched from Bletchley Park via a spell as mayor of Cambridge to a notorious V-sign caught on camera during an altercation in the House of Lords. Apprentice lemon-sucker Nick Hewer makes up the numbers.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 30th November 2012

Youth and experience on Have I Got News for You this week. Wet-behind-the-ears comedian Jack Whitehallp.o[ takes the presenter's chair, while "Bletchley Park Baroness" Trumpington is, at 90, the programme's oldest ever guest. But Ian Hislop and Paul Merton must be careful how they handle her. When Lord King of Bridgwater dared to suggest, in a House of Lords speech, that Baroness T looked old, she promptly gave him two fingers. Lord Sugar's wry sidekick, Nick Hewer, completes the line-up.

The Telegraph, 29th November 2012

Growly Alastair Campbell, former Downing Street director of communications and strategy, diarist, Burnley supporter and ebullient Tweeter, chairs for the first time. So expect lots of needling from Ian Hislop, who'll doubtless have something to say about Campbell's appearances before the Leveson Inquiry (he's the first of tonight's Leveson alumni; Steve Coogan turns up on Graham Norton).

But the big question is will Campbell have the skill to rein in guest panellist, big, loud hirsute Ross Noble, who tends to overwhelm any panel show he's on if he's not kept in order? Returning to the show is Lord Sugar's flint-eyed right-hand man, and Countdown host, Nick Hewer.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 1st June 2012

Now revamped as a panel show, Room 101's new incarnation benefits from the boisterous banter between the guests as they compete to have their pet peeves consigned to the dumpster. Tonight's hopefuls include Countdown crew members past and present, with current host Nick Hewer squaring up against the show's former number cruncher Carol Vorderman. Brash comedian Rhod Gilbert joins them as they bemoan personal horrors including advertising slogans, Facebook, and opening ceremonies.

Toby Dantzic, The Telegraph, 23rd February 2012

If you're still laughing at the memory of Rob Brydon and Nick Hewer sharing an orange cuddle jumper last week, tune in tonight for some more fibbing fun.

David Mitchell's mate Robert Webb joins the panel tonight and would have us believe he once had so many imaginary friends they formed a gang.

Also on David's team is Sir Terry Wogan, with totally absurd stories that might or might not be true. Either way, he enjoys himself telling them.

It's almost impossible NOT to grin like an idiot all the way through as everyone is having such a good time. But it's in the cross-examination where this show really takes off.

It seems that inside every panellist is a barrister dying to get out and if the comedy thing ever dries up, somewhere out there is a horsehair wig with Lee Mack's name on it.

Katy Wix, Kevin Bridges and host Rob Brydon join in tonight's gleeful grilling.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 16th September 2011

I really don't know what they're giving panellists before they go on this show.

The start of series five dissolves into a puddle of infectious hysteria that has more than one of the cast absolutely weeping with laughter.

I blame The Apprentice's Nick Hewer, who kicks off proceedings with a wonderfully straight-faced tale of how he and Lord Sugar like to relax after a tough day's filming in the boardroom.

He's a very welcome addition to the line-up, proving that you don't have to be a professional stand-up to get big laughs on this show.

Team captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell are also joined this week by Jack Whitehall and Rebecca Front as well as Miranda Hart.

The latter is reduced to helpless tears of mirth by her own very unlikely sounding tale about trying out for QPR's women's football team. But it's host Rob Brydon's own demonstration of a cuddle jumper that really brings the house down.

While much of Would I Lie To You? would work almost as well on radio, the cuddle jumper is an item of clothing which absolutely must be seen to be fully enjoyed.

A perfect blend of innocent silliness and razor-sharp wit, Would I Lie To You? is still the perfect way to wind down for the weekend.

And this might just be the funniest episode ever.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 9th September 2011

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