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Glasgow Comedy Festival's biggest shows called off

All events at the King's Theatre, including Stewart Lee, Jerry Sadowitz, Janey Godley, John Shuttleworth, Fascinating Aida, Susie McCabe and Jim Smith, are to be postponed.

Chortle, 16th March 2020

15 funniest shows at the Glasgow Comedy Festival

Here's our pick of the shows for the Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2020.

The Herald, 7th March 2020

John Shuttleworth, Leicester Square Theatre review

Shuttleworth bangs out the songs with tinny bossa nova and cha-cha beats.

Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk, 6th March 2020

Live review: John Shuttleworth

John Shuttleworth's back. In every sense. This is the title of his current tour and it also refers to his latterday lumber problems that have been giving him a right bit of pain. It also, handily, refers to the fact that after looking for a while like he was settling into cosy old age and coasting a little this tour marks a Trebor Mint-strong return to form. Oof!

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 4th March 2020

John Shuttleworth: 'The funniest word? Tuna mayonnaise'

The stand-up, singer-songwriter and radio presenter on the things that make him laugh the most.

The Guardian, 28th February 2020

DMU at 150: Leicester Comedy Festival

Leicester Comedy Festival has been part of the city's calendar since 1994 when it began as a student project by then Leicester Polytechnic student Geoff Rowe.

De Montfort University, 6th February 2020