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Eve Myles on going from Broadchurch vamp to comedy Gold

After playing creepy Claire in Broadchurch, Eve Myles is playing it for laughs with the return of gentle comedy You, Me and Them. And she has one word to describe the change of pace: PHEW!

Keeley Bolger, Wales Online, 14th April 2015

GOLD orders more You, Me & Them

You, Me & Them, the GOLD sitcom starring Anthony Head and Eve Myles as a couple with a 26-year age gap, has been awarded a second series.

British Comedy Guide, 1st July 2014

It's the final episode of GOLD's debut comedy series, about an age-gap couple and their meddling relations. A pregnancy scare for niece Ellie causes Lauren (Eve Myles) and partner Ed (Anthony Head) to consider their own positions on parenting. Could a coin toss - as suggested by his malevolent ex-wife Lydia - be a foolproof plan? It remains to be seen whether the series will return for a second outing, but the safe set-ups and double entendres have worn increasingly thin after just six episodes.

Hannah J Davies, The Guardian, 27th November 2013

Anthony Head: I'm happy Eve Myles is my 'girlfriend'

An interview with actor Anthony Head, star of age-gap sitcom You, Me & Them.

Andrew Williams, Metro, 30th October 2013

Episode one of G.O.L.D.'s debut comedy series. Ed and Lauren (Anthony Head and Eve Myles) are a couple plagued by their meddling families. This week, the latter's parents pay a visit to express disproportionate disapproval at their age-gap relationship, making you question just how young Myles is supposed to be playing. Before long, her sister's brood has descended on Ed's home, with kids and adults alike causing trouble in a slice of middle England that's about as controversial as a taramasalata shortage at Waitrose.

Hannah J Davies, The Guardian, 23rd October 2013

Everyone's in a tizzy over an age-gap romance in this six-part sitcom from the brains behind Outnumbered. With Anthony Head cast in the role of 'old enough to be her father' Ed, opposite Eve Myles as Lauren, 26 years his junior, the lovebirds are bracing themselves for a chorus of tutting as their loved ones head over for a meet-the-sweethearts feast. Jeff Rawle and Lindsay Duncan are among the romantic snipers.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 23rd October 2013

That age-worn trope of an older man in love with a younger woman is the basis for G.O.L.D.'s first sitcom commission. Anthony Head gives it his twinkly-eyed best as 59-year-old successful businessman Ed as he prepares to meet the family of his new girlfriend, 33-year-old Lauren (Eve Myles). Lauren is anxious about the reaction of her waspish mother (Susie Blake) and over-protective father (Jeff Rawle), but there's also her sister's unruly family to contend with, and that's before you start on Ed's unhinged ex-wife who lives next door (Lindsay Duncan), his naturist brother and chancer grandson. It's a loose, sprawling family dynamic; reflected in the writing, which mostly settles for tried and tested farce for its laughs.

David Crawford, Radio Times, 23rd October 2013

Anthony Head and Eve Myles head up 'You, Me And Them' cast

The cast for new sitcom You, Me And Them has been announced. Anthony Head, Eve Myles, Lindsay Duncan and Susie Blake are amongst the stars.

British Comedy Guide, 15th August 2013

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