Chloe Petts.

Chloe Petts

Tiers of the clowns: part 2

Featuring Katie Pritchard, Rosie Holt and Chloe Petts among others.

Funny Women, 11th December 2020

Edinburgh Unlocked review

A carnival of comedy from the festival that never was.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 23rd August 2020

Comedians indoors getting creative: part 22

Let more recommendations of what to see.

Funny Women, 14th August 2020

August without Edinburgh fringe

Covid-19 has cancelled the annual jamboree, leaving performers - and our comedy critic - bereft. What does the festival mean to them and how will it change?

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 7th August 2020

Edinburgh Unlocked audiobook to be released

Edinburgh Unlocked, an audiobook featuring Edinburgh Fringe performers, is to be released this August to help raise money for the festival.

British Comedy Guide, 13th July 2020

Interviews: Chloe Petts, Donald Alexander & Tom Mayhew

With Glasgow Comedy Festival kicking off this month, we speak to Chloe Petts, Donald Alexander and Tom Mayhew to explore what constitutes alternative today.

Jay Richardson, The List, 12th March 2020

Leicester Comedy Festival 2020 Awards nominees

Alex Hylton, Paul Currie, Scott Bennett, Olga Koch, Nathan Cassidy and Troy Hawke are amongst the nominees for the Leicester Comedy Festival's 2020 awards.

British Comedy Guide, 28th February 2020

The LOL Word is transforming comedy

This queer collective proves there's a place for comedy that isn't straight or male with a heart-rendingly hilarious Edinburgh show.

Ella Braidwood, The Guardian, 8th August 2019