Under The Tweets returns for Series 2

Tuesday 26th September 2023, 9:06am

Under The Tweets. Image shows left to right: Stuart Laws, Chloe Petts

Online comedy series Under The Tweets, in which the social media actions of comedians are examined, is back for a second run.

The chat show, which is hosted by Stuart Laws in front of a live audience, aims to "get under the skin of some of the country's most prominent tweeters, and under the hood of their most viral tweets". Henry Widdicombe looks at the stats behind each tweet, whilst Kath Hughes, AKA Doc Viral, offers sage advice on how the tweet could have been improved.

The first two episodes from the five part series are now online, with the remaining three episodes coming in October.

Chloe Petts is the guest in Episode 1, with Ruth Husko - who tweets as @dank_ackroyd - is the star of the second episode. The series will also feature Ed Easton, Eleanor Morton and Sikisa.

The team say: "With huge changes occurring at Twitter HQ, the producers Widdicombe & Laws decided now was the time to return to a format that gives the comedian guests a chance to curl up in embarrassment at what they'd previously deemed worthy of public consumption."

The episodes were filmed at this year's Machynlleth Comedy Festival. Henry Widdicombe comments: "It's a really fun, silly show that finally gives tweets the serious respect they deserve and to release these five episodes after Musk has changed the name of the platform and is about to put the entire site behind a paywall is suggestive of how powerful a comedy mini-series we have on our hands".

Here is Episode 1, with Chloe Petts:

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The producers have also now released a range of Doc Viral merchandise. Options on Cotton Cart a mug and tote bags.

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