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Science communication award for No Such Thing As A Fish

The No Such Thing As A Fish podcast team is to receive the The Heinz Oberhummer Award for Science Communication.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 4th April 2019

No Such Thing As A Fish Podcast Live review

This is a glorious rebuttal to the growing anti-intellectualism seen in this country and throughout the world, and just made me really happy.

Scott Redmond, Young Perspective, 26th March 2019

Review: No Such Thing as a Fish

We initially hummed and haahed about this one. A podcast? Live? Would that actually work? But of course, in the end, we were always going to go along to it, because NSTAAF is pretty much our favourite podcast. We have now listened to every available episode and what's more, we sleep with these people almost every night.

Philip Caveney, Bouquets & Brickbats, 26th March 2019

Interview - Anna Ptaszynski

The QI elf and No Such Thing As a Fish team member on the things that make her laugh the most.

Harriet Gibsone, The Guardian, 8th March 2019

Stephen Fry reunites with the QI team

For an episode of the researchers' No Such Thing As A Fish podcast.

Chortle, 15th November 2018

No Such Thing As A Fish team return with 2018 book

The team behind podcast No Such Thing As A Fish and TV news satire No Such Thing As The News are to publish a second compendium of bizarre facts about the twelve months just gone, The Book Of The Year 2018.

British Comedy Guide, 5th April 2018

No Such Thing as a Fish review

The QI-spawned quartet have an easy chemistry on the live stage.

Jay Richardson, The List, 22nd March 2018

Interview with No Such Thing As A Fish folks

Here 'QI elves' Dan Schreiber, Anna Ptaszynski, James Harkin and Andrew Hunter Murray talk about the live tour of their top-rated podcast, which arrives in Ireland next week.

The Irish News, 22nd March 2018