Alexandra Dane

Alexandra Dane is an actor.


Year Production Role
2018 When Carry On Came To Wales Self
2015 Carry On Forever
  1. E3 - Episode Three
1984 What A Carry On
  1. E11 - Episode Eleven
  2. E9 - Episode Nine
  3. E2 - Episode Two
Self (Archive Material)
1979 Le Petomane La P├ętomane
1977 The Upchat Line
  1. E1 - Pulling
1975 Carry On Behind Lady in low-cut dress
1975 The Melting Pot - Pilot
  1. The Melting Pot
South African Landlady
1974 Not On Your Nellie - Series 1 Beryl
1972 Dear Mother.... ....Love Albert - Albert!
  1. E3 - Trouble At T'Mill
1970 Carry On Loving Emily
1969 Carry On Again Doctor Stout Woman
1968 Carry On... Up The Khyber Busti
1965 Sam The Samaritan Barmaid

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