2017 Edinburgh Fringe

Stuart Goldsmith: Like I Mean It

Stuart Goldsmith: Like I Mean It. Stuart Goldsmith
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276: The Liquid Rooms

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An engaging hour covering all that spans between the happiness after marriage and children, and the mortal fear and existential loneliness of age and fatherhood. A finely-tuned, expertly written set well-sold by his energetic, witty and charming delivery.

Winner: Leicester Comedy Festival Best New Show 2017. Comedian's Comedian Podcast host and 'expert stand-up' (Times) Goldsmith now commits to the bit. This year: second international tour, seven million downloads, support for Jack Whitehall at Wembley Arena, and look, honestly? My best ever show. I'm so goddamn proud of this, it's stupider and less clever-clogs and just the funniest stuff I've ever created. OK? Back to the PR... Come see how 'a master of the form' (Independent) 'makes it look easy' (Chortle.co.uk). Via As Yet Untitled and Russell Howard's Stand Up Central.

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Chats at the Fringe - Stuart Goldsmith

I had the opportunity to sit down with Stuart after his show, Like I Mean It, and have a chat about his body of work and memories of his 24 years at the Edinburgh Fringe. It was really interesting to hear how varied those years have been, and he even told us about his favourite place to go when he wants to take a breather from the craziness of the festival.

Define Arts, 18th August 2017

Coming of Age

There's a certain child like spirit that drives the imagination and creativity of comedians, who are more curious than most to find the silliness in everyday objects and behaviours to embellish them out on a stage to near perfect strangers, that makes one think are these people grown up in comparison to their audiences?

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What's the weirdest thing you've seen at the Fringe?

Edinburgh comedians answer...

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Here are ten shows from comedians who've built up their fan base with podcasts - some are taping new episodes in Edinburgh, others doing their stand-up shows, and some are doing both.

Chortle, 19th July 2017

Stuart Goldsmith interview

We talk to the host of the Comedian's Comedian Podcast about his new Fringe show.

Kevin Wright, The Wee Review, 19th July 2017

10 must-see Fringe comedy preview shows in London

All across the country, performers are limbering up for Edinburgh's month-long comedy marathon, fine-tuning their best new material before the Fringe. But if you can't wait until August - or, indeed, if you can't make it to Edinburgh at all - you can catch these shows in London first. Dive in!

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The Edinburgh interviews 2017: Stuart Goldsmith

Stand up and Comedian's Comedian podcaster Stuart Goldsmith's show craftsmanship just keeps getting better and better. Like I Mean It won Best New Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival earlier this year, despite still being unfinished, so it looks as though Goldsmith is set for another brilliant year in Edinburgh. Stuart is performing his free show at the Liquid Room Annexe throughout August.

Becca Moody, Moody Comedy, 9th July 2017

Stuart Goldsmith gets his fans to write his show

He's picked the brains of some of the world's best comedians on his podcast. But now Stuart Goldsmith is asking the public to write him an Edinburgh Fringe show, for what is believed to be the world's first crowdsourced hour of stand-up.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 17th May 2017


Date Time Venue
5th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
6th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
7th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
8th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
9th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
10th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
11th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
12th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
13th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
14th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
15th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
16th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
17th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
18th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
19th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
20th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
21st Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
22nd Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
23rd Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
24th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
25th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
26th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms
27th Aug 2017 15:45 The Liquid Rooms

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