2017 Edinburgh Fringe

Rob Kemp: The Elvis Dead

  • Comedy (60 minutes)
Rob Kemp: The Elvis Dead. Rob Kemp. Copyright: Peril Design / Copyright Splash Photography

Cult classic horror movie Evil Dead 2 reinterpreted through the songs of Elvis*. Every now and then an idea strikes that seems extremely absurd and yet at the same time bizarrely fitting. A tribute concert to the sequel to the ultimate in gruelling terror... and the King of Rock'n'Roll is such an idea. Brilliantly executed: winner of Best Show and Best Musical at Leicester Comedy Festival 2017. 'Sure-fire hit. Without doubt the best show I've seen in ages' (Bob Slayer). *Presley



Date Time Venue
3rd Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
4th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
5th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
6th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
7th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
8th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
9th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
10th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
11th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
12th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
13th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
14th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
17th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
18th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
19th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
20th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
21st Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
24th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
25th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
26th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel
27th Aug 00.00 Monkey Barrel

British Comedy Guide recommendation

A baffling but brilliant re-telling of the film The Evil Dead 2 via the songs of Elvis Presley, this works far better than the premise would suggest! Even if you don't know the film, you will be swept along with the singalong potential, hilarious lyrics and sight gags. Starting at midnight in an ideal room at the Monkey Barrel, it's a great way to end the day.


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