The Comedians' Choice Awards 2017 winners

The Barry Awards

Mat Ewins, Rob Kemp and Bob Slayer are the winners of the Comedians' Choice Awards 2017 - the accolades voted on by Edinburgh Fringe performers.

Also known as the Barry Awards (UK), the prizes recognise the best show, performer and person working at the festival. All the categories were voted on solely by the comedians and comedy performers appearing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year. 382 votes were cast in total.

Best Show

Mat Ewins Presents Adventureman 7: The Return of Adventureman. Mat Ewins

Mat Ewins - Adventureman 7

Also making the shortlist were Any Suggestions Doctor, Jordan Brookes: Body Of Work and The Elvis Dead.

A stranger on the street, Jack Walker, who was asked to give a quote on behalf of Mat Ewins said: "I don't know him, can that be the quote?"

Best Performer

Rob Kemp: The Elvis Dead. Rob Kemp. Copyright: Peril Design / Copyright Splash Photography

Rob Kemp for The Elvis Dead

Jayde Adams, John Kearns, Jordan Brookes, Lucy Pearman, Mat Ewins and Russell Hicks also polled a notable number of votes.

Rob Kemp said: "Wow this is amazing! A nod from your peers, acceptance and approval from people you admire is a thing I have been chasing for some time, and will do my self confident the world of good. Thank you to those who voted for me, and to those who didn't, I will try harder next time (more blood! more plates! Everything, but more so)."

Referencing the fact he has been talking about the title he will parody next year, he added: "Beatlesjuice is just a joke though, I won't be doing that... okay, I might."

Best Person

Bob Slayer: Whatever Next?. Bob Slayer

Bob Slayer, the organiser behind the Heroes Of The Fringe venues.

Alex Petty (the man behind the Laughing Horse venues) and comedians Mark Silcox and Martin Mor were also on the shortlist.

Bob Slayer said: "Thank you. Let's keep pushing back against the establishment and reclaim the Fringe for performers and punters. Next year is going to be a very interesting year!"

Mat Ewins and Bob Slayer have both won in the awards before. List of previous winners

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