2017 Edinburgh Fringe

Jordan Brookes: Body of Work

  • Comedy (60 minutes)
Jordan Brookes: Body of Work. Jordan Brookes

In August 2015 Jordan's Nanna, Gwendoline Martha Brookes, passed away. She was 95. This show is a genuine attempt to pay tribute to her. That can't be the whole thing can it? I thought Brookes did absurdist stuff? Like bits that go on for ages and horrible physical stuff, daft faces, spitting down himself etc? Is he just going to talk about his Nan for an hour? Surely not. 'A breathtaking, hugely original hour' ***** (Fest). 'Funny and surprising... see Brookes fast before word of mouth fills every seat' **** (Scotsman). ***** (Metro). **** (Chortle.co.uk).



Date Time Venue
3rd Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
4th Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
5th Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
6th Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
7th Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
8th Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
9th Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
10th Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
11th Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
12th Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
13th Aug 18.15 Finnegan's Wake
15th Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
16th Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
17th Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
18th Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
19th Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
20th Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
21st Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
22nd Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
23rd Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
24th Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
25th Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
26th Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard
27th Aug 23.00 Pleasance Courtyard

British Comedy Guide recommendation

Someone needs to invent a new descriptor so we can correctly label the work of Jordan Brookes. It's not stand-up, it's not acting... his show, which sees him stalking around his small room, is somewhere in the middle. What we can be clear on is that it's captivating, bold, different and definitely worth a look.


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This show moved from the Free Fringe to the Pleasance mid-way through its run.

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